Do we need cloud workshop?

Total number of votes: 30

96.7% Yes

3.3% No

Jul 26, 17 / Vir 11, 01 01:38 UTC

We need cloud workshop.  

There are a lot of brilliant ideas created by our citizens we need virtual workshop with public or private copyright to develope these ideas.

Jul 26, 17 / Vir 11, 01 08:50 UTC

I think, not private rights, open access. Most of the tasks first, rather global, and secondly, have the implicit commercial opportunities, especially those focused on the distant future. Here the owner and the entity must itself be Asgardia as state and society. Local competitive projects, such as the creation supercheap superlight missiles or other "popular" vehicles for individual customers, possible competition, and it can be private companies under the flag of Asgardia.Y

Jul 26, 17 / Vir 11, 01 21:44 UTC

I've found several cloud CAD systems. We may use them or install on Asgardia server online CAD engine.

I think there are more much more same systems.

Aug 2, 17 / Vir 18, 01 17:46 UTC

Good call. However, I would suggest keeping it to small individual project specific groups, so as to limit exposure for prospective patent knowledge thresholds...Jic anything comes to fruition 😉

Aug 2, 17 / Vir 18, 01 17:53 UTC

Great ideas on the cloud based systems. I know that property claims for anything we come up with can be a possible issue. There are some projects in the works that have asked/commented regarding a server in the past that we could utilize, but I don't know their current status on those. Personally, I'm in the frame of mind that we should have access to some type of server/cloud system where we can share ideas and such where other people that are not 'citizens' don't have access until they are declared. It'll be interesting to see where we go, and how ideas like that are designed. Can you imagine our own World Wide Web system, that only we have access to?? I think that'd be cool. Now just gotta ensure 100%

Aug 8, 17 / Vir 24, 01 17:03 UTC

Really good ideas. We may use satellites to resend projects through our closed Asgardian Engineering NET (AEN). We may use special cyphers for information de/encoding to prevent unauthorized access.

Oct 12, 17 / Oph 05, 01 10:04 UTC

An intellectual collective-brain in cloud , possibly on the satellite belonging to Asgardia, where contributors towards this collective will not be prosecuted on planet Earth because they are working towards advancing this human collective.I am surprised Igor's voice is not being heard here? Patent implementation on certain ideas will slow advancement right down.

Dec 14, 17 / Cap 12, 01 22:30 UTC

Why don't we look at setting up our own Git Server... This would solve a couple areas, such as code repo, as well as 3d print repo. Also it would be searchable to every one... as well as permissions would allow for private repo's for personal or community projects. Just a though as I have set one up just to play with and its fairly simple to do and not terribly server intensive to run, the server admins would just need to look at clustering for redundancy.

Apr 8, 18 / Tau 14, 02 06:40 UTC

I do believe a cloud platform is indeed necessary before we can move any further. However, before starting discussing the location of its servers we have to talk functional analysis to define what it will do and how.

I think that we need a work place with work groups, hierarchically organized like small companies remotely linked together via the cloud. Also the platform should come with a task system through which people can assign work to other competent people/group of people. Without such kind of structure, I don't think we can come up with anything significant as a nation/society.

Once we have such a platform, we could start actually working on real projects by building our Research Structure based on citizen competencies, and assigning tasks to each others.

I currently work as an R&D engineer in a 1500-employees aeronautical company. Our engineering work force is split on 4 countries (China, US, France and Canada), therefore we need a way to work closely together everyday. For this, we actually have a pretty decent cloud platform which main functions are: centralizing data, assigning tasks to each other (with some well designed auto-escalation systems when a task is taking too long), notifying relevant people and following-up/managing the projects thanks to KPIs.

To me, developing this structure is the first thing we have to work on. It will be the first milestone that will enable us to move forward and reach our goals step by step. Until then, our dreams will remain dreams. Let's turn them into goals.

Jul 10, 18 / Leo 23, 02 06:20 UTC

I'm not much of an engineer or programmer, but I'd have to agree that there's a lot of potential in work-shopping together via the cloud. The ability to compare notes, research and development, and experimentation. Honestly, this could be a function of some of our constellation of satellites we're planning to eventually have. 

As for security, I can't speak as if I know anything about cyber security beyond being a layperson in the field, but our citizen ID numbers would be a good start towards keeping it to Asgardian citizens. It's at least a layer of identification that can be compounded upon and access could be partially dependent on if you've kept up with your "citizenship fees/taxes" or whatever we end up implementing. Perhaps an additional security measure would be an authenticator app of some type.