Feb 25, 17 / Ari 00, 01 13:34 UTC


Hi fellow Swiss Asgardian's!

Let's see who's from Switzerland! I'm Marco and just became an Asgardian, because of a guy who told me about it, first i was suspicious, but as i am such a Space addicted guy, i had to join after researching the Internet about Asgardia. There's nothing better then the first nation in space and who doesn't want to be there with them?!

I am also a huge Star Wars Fan since childhood.

We are doing BOINC Seti@Home since October 2006 to help the Project! If you want to join the team, we are here: https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/team_display.php?teamid=136626

Tell me what you're up to and why you were joining?

Best Regards Marco

Jul 27, 17 / Vir 12, 01 21:43 UTC


Ich bin ebenfalls Schweizer (knapp 35 jährig) aus Wallisellen ZH.

Mein grosser Traum (wie der von manchem Jungen) war es seit Kindesbeinen an, Astronaut zu werden. Da ich aber mit der Zeit erkennen musste, dass ich für diesen Job überhaupt nicht geeignet bin, musste ich den Traum beerdigen.

Tja, und nun?

 Nun wurde mir mit dem Projekt Asgardia die Möglichkeit geschaffen, Weltraumbürger zu werden und mit dem Satelliten (Asgardia-1) meine besten Ideen und Gedanken in den Weltraum zu senden.

In meinem tiefsten Inneren hoffe ich, dass Asgardia wirklich eine prosperierende und kräftige Nation werden kann, Eine Nation, welche noch humanitärer und weltoffener ist, als die Schweiz es ist.

Ich würde mich freuen, andere Asgardianer aus der Schweiz kennenlernen zu dürfen und mich mit ihnen über unsere Vorstellungen und Ideen zur Staatsgründung auszutauschen.

Bis dahin verbleibe ich mit freundlichsten Grüssen

Roger aka. Baselifter

English Version Translated by Google:


I am also Swiss (just 35 years old) from Wallisellen ZH.

My great dream (like that of many boys) had been an astronaut since childhood. Since I had to recognize with the time that I am not suitable for this job at all, I had to bury the dream.

Well, and now?

Now the project Asgardia gave me the opportunity to become a citizen  of the world and to send my best ideas and thoughts into space with the  satellite (Asgardia-1).

In my deepest heart, I hope that Asgardia can really become a  prosperous and powerful nation, a nation that is even more humanitarian  and cosmopolitan than Switzerland is.

I would be delighted to get to know other Asgardians from Switzerland  and to exchange ideas with them about our ideas and ideas for the  founding of the state.

Until then, I remain with kindest regards

Roger aka. Baselifter

Dec 1, 17 / Sag 27, 01 15:51 UTC


I come from Switzerland too. I'm 16 years old, and was living in the french part of our country. I'm actually doing an exchange year in Japan, and I'm interested in international relationships. I wanted to join Asgardia because of its idea of Unity between everyone, with no countries to separate us. I think that wherever you are from, an human is an human. Even if the way of thinking of people is different, and their sense of values is different too, (I feel it a lot since I'm on an exchange year), I find beautiful that we can understand each other.

I hope that we will get along well, my native languages are French and Italian, but I can understand fluently German and English too.

Let's see if we can create this one humanity all together.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Russo Samuel, ルッソ作夢愛流

Jul 30, 19 / Vir 15, 03 07:28 UTC

Hey Guys!

Thanks for the awesome posts, glad to meet you all! I've sent you a friend request! Sorry for not checking so much lately, busy time behind me.

But now i'll be back more regularly!