Should we adopt Kialo or something like it for collective decision-making?

Total number of votes: 4

75% Yes

25% No

Oct 5, 17 / Sco 26, 01 11:37 UTC

An existing platform (Kialo) for Asgardians to be able to decide collectively on critical issues  

Today I came across the Kialo platform.  It allows for debate guided by reason; users can input their pros and cons for all to see and comment against.  As such it could supplement the Asgardia Forum and speed up the process of decision-making by offering reasonable pros/cons for decisions we might make.

For example, the Universal Basic Income topic that is trending now as a top Asgardia blog already has a counterpart in Kialo: .  Check that link for a nice public example of what the platform can do.

Only downside at this time is that membership on a Kialo discussion cannot be restricted to just Asgardians.  I signed up and tried creating a test team that would allow this in the future but that functionality isn't available yet.

Still I believe it might be a good platform to either adopt or seek to emulate for the purpose of speeding up collective decision-making within Asgardia.  This is one of the things I am actively campaigning for on my blog posts.

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Oct 5, 17 / Sco 26, 01 18:33 UTC

Indeed, this is good! 

Easy to see and follow voting and comments. People you have short video presentation of this platform. Check it.