Would having the UTC time under the date on the banner be helpful to you?

Total votes: 11

100% Yes

0% No

Vir 04, 01 / Jul 19, 17 21:43 UTC

Poll: Add UTC time to Asgardia Banner?  

Hello fellow Asgardians,

Since it appears that the time being used for forums, etc is UTC, I believe it may be helpful to have the UTC time shown under the date on the main website banner. This would allow members to better plan communication among each other and better gauge when comments/discussions are active on the forums.

This poll will allow our IT group to assess how many of the community feel this addition would be a benefit.

Kind Regards,


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Vir 05, 01 / Jul 20, 17 16:16 UTC

Hi Mystiqa, personally, I can totally agree. It's always throwing me off at times trying to figure out when some posts were posted, lol. I'd support that.

As a moderator: you might consider turning this posting into a poll, or also making a petition to get that modified. Let me know if I can help with anything.


Vir 05, 01 / Jul 20, 17 18:47 UTC

You bring me to the idea Adrie Newman to place something on the Asgardian website
like a banner with for example 6 world clocks. That way citizens can instantly see
and calculate the time differences of the different time standards.

Grtz, Dirk.

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Vir 10, 01 / Jul 25, 17 06:58 UTC

That is not a bad idea Dirk, but how would we decide which to use?

Vir 11, 01 / Jul 26, 17 23:19 UTC

The 6 world continents? Like the 6 main embassies?

Grtz, Dirk.

Vir 12, 01 / Jul 27, 17 01:11 UTC

There are several time zones for each of the continents though