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Re: Banning of Members  

I don't remember which ones but, in the past, I've been into some forums (2-3) which used ban lists, not sure they're still online tho.
I used them too, in the same way @Phicksur did, to make the "residents" know why some decisions against other residents have been taken: that to give the culprits and the residents the right to debate the problem, bring evidences, and so on, when I was part of a virtual community in a 3D environment. That 'cause we had no tribunals, so no trials: having both of them, the final judgement should be recorded into a publicly accessible registry.
While I understand the need of privacy, I even understand the need to make things transparent in some way, for the safety of the banned in first, and for the people in second: maybe a publicly available list may serve the purpose, with access recordings in action.
I'm sure you remember what happened in Chile, with persons "just disappearing" (desaparecidos) from public life, no one knew how and why.
There is no need to keep the banned names listed forever, if the ban is temporary: just enlist them, the duration, the banning reasons, the names of who took the banning decision.
That, I repeat, into a "citizens" environment: as long as we're users, the management can set the stem to the height that they thinks fit: the whole process, the ban with the reasons, just the ban, nothing at all (as currently).

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All judgements outspoken by Asgardia Civic is on the visitor (user) level, not on the citizen level.

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Huh? What does that mean?