Copyright Symbole und Dokumente

Copyright Symbole und Dokumente  

  By: Huluvu424242(Asgardian) on 5 June 2017, 5:14 p.m.

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Wäre es nicht nützlich wenn alle Symbole Asgardias unter einer freien Lizenz (z.B. Creative Commons) veröffentlicht werden? Damit könnte jeder Bürger die Symbole straffrei verbreiten und Druck und Vervielfältigung würden nicht ausschließlich beim Staat liegen. 

Die Folgen nichtfreier Drucke kann man in Deutschland recht gut beobachten. Man darf nicht einmal die Gesetzestexte abschreiben und verteilen, weil deren Vervielfältigung einer Firma unterliegt welche vom Bundestag bestimmt wird und dieser Firma dann Geld entgeht. 


I think all documents and symbols of asgardia should be stand under a free license such as creative commons license. Because all member of asgardia should copy and transfer the symbols and documents without paying money to a goverment or factory. In germany this is a problem.

Re: Copyright Symbole und Dokumente  

  By: Asgardian 3618 on 5 June 2017, 7:23 p.m.

The problem with free licensing is that folks who may not have the best interests at heart could be so then, legally, use the images for less-than-benign reasons.

At least, under the current arrangements, the images and search can be used by request. Or, at least, that is how I was led to believe it worked.


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Re: Copyright Symbole und Dokumente  

  By: Boris 5(Asgardian) on 13 November 2017, 5:22 p.m.

As I understand, currently all images are under license of Arcadia:
And one particular case. Recently, flag of Asgardia was deleted on wiki:
Is it possible to provide the flag and emblem to wiki on some kind of License? For example,
Educational Use of Content: ... For the purposes of this Agreement, "Educators or Learners" consists of librarians, teachers, ... (from )
or, through request according Wikipedia OTRS, or another commons license.
Currently, the traffic on wiki pages is hundreds of visitors, for example, on english page It could be quite helpful mutually for wiki and Asgardia.