Feb 21, 02 / Feb 18, 18 14:10 UTC

More section to Biological Science Forum  


I believe Bio Science is a huge deal for us and in the present moment it is very compressed in just a big section of the forum and therefore it is very hard to follow certain posts, ideas are quickly forgotten and nothing really changes. So for that reason, I believe we should divide Bio Science into more categories.

I offer 3 categories:

-Human Science (human biology/air regeneration/water regeneration)

-Bio Production (food/fuels)

-Others (anything else, goods, by products, etc)

Thank you for your attention, please share your thoughts.

For Asgardia

Apr 4, 02 / Mar 29, 18 22:36 UTC

I like to hear you would like to apply Biological Science , your knowledge and your expertism  to produce any product ,commercial products in particular. It's great also when you have intention to collaborate with Established Educational  Institutions elsewhere.