Feb 11, 02 / Feb 8, 18 10:23 UTC

Need to open closed groups back up on Facebook!  

I believe we had more open conversations and people committed when all the Facebook sites were open. People from the same Countries or locals communicated with one another. I have been on the FORUM since it opened and at some time, you all in charge need to acknowledge it is a failure!!  We tried to get people to come over, but no one likes it here! I challenge you to open the closed sites on Facebook and I bet you will see people really start to communicate again. 

Feb 11, 02 / Feb 8, 18 15:00 UTC

I agree with Ann. This forum runs really bad on both my computer and my phone. The say its set up sucks as well. You would think a space nation could run a forum a bit better but then again there are bigger fish to fry.

Apr 4, 02 / Mar 29, 18 22:23 UTC

Even though it is boring to me, but I still think Forum here is l important to every Asgardian and ASTN. This forum really belong to us 100 %, we don't have to  depend on that  notorious FB after all.  This our forum is intended to those serious Asgardians