May 26, 17 / Can 06, 01 23:16 UTC


All that, here, is losing credibility each minute is passing.
Our is becoming a funny facts collection, last one that funny move of the management, to shut up we "dissidents", by means of admins/mods: "thanks for your understanding"... which pairs to "feel free to go writing into official thread" (implied: as I blocked all parallel ones) ;-)
About crowdfunding and joint-stock: all things which requires some degree of "faith", better if "good faith", which I'm not seeing, at now.
(But he didn't told he wasn't going by the crowdfunding way, choosing joint-stock only?)

I "hooked" (lol) Phicksur into Steam, so, please, as there are a ton of "petrv" of any kind, sign up to Asgardia Gaming group so that I can send you the friendship(*), so not to lose our link, as the ice, here, is getting very thin... I'm feeling the first crackling sounds...

Long life to our Tzar! (is it the same "Zar" as we say in Italy?)

(*) or even search me: I should be the very first in the list of "Elwe Thor"s, same picture. ;-)
btw: I don't know how to "invite" you, using discord (as I'm a f*kng noob XD).

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May 26, 17 / Can 06, 01 23:43 UTC

Ah ok, I knew it as "czar". :)
Looooool... I was writing:

If you don't give me the "four digits" following "petrv" I've no luck in adding you :P :D
At least you made Discord to cry. ;)

when I read your update. XD