Feb 7, 17 / Pis 10, 01 19:59 UTC

Re: Personal blogs. Definition of the requirements - will be completed by 15 January  

Personally, I think Asgardia should concentrate on giving it's citizens a solid foundation to build upon. You get the basics right, and leave the fancy tangents like this to us with our personal projects. A nation is built up from thriving innovation and the success of its citizens, don't try to control us, help us flourish.

Feb 7, 17 / Pis 10, 01 21:58 UTC

You can post email and phone numbers here - it'd be a bit stupid to though. It doesn't get much more wise once there's a lesser public area to conduct interpersonal conversations.

Whatsapp isn't a particular clever option with regards to communications. Instead of using something based on XMPP that's been bastardised and neutered of all security and privacy capabilities, we could just instead deploy actual XMPP and not shoot ourselves in the face in the process.

The OpenVPN should be trivial, but not for passing traffic forwards - for creating an "Asgardian only" area it'd work though, the bandwith for that many clients using it for all their traffic would require multiple additional nodes preferably in mulitple geographically distributed locations - it'd be easy to sink a few grand a month, maybe ten, into the hardware hosting to make it work for passing all traffic.

Tox wouldn't be overly clever to deploy, anything claiming to enhance privacy whilst collecting a list of geographically relevant peers whilst also opening itself up to several attacks that'd make it trivial to cripple the network, isolate or redirect other users, and othersuch retardations should definitely be avoided.

Third party mail services should again be avoided. It's highly likely that such services are already posessed by most. What would make sense is deploying our own mail services - as this wouldn't rely on trusting randoms - but right about now that's unwise just for the six extra servers we'd need to to have hosted to hold the few hundred HD's required to give out even a pittance of 5GB of inbox per citizen. No to mention the headache in rotating three copies of that many HD's every day/week/month in father/grandfather/son rotation as per sane backup strategy.