Jan 10, 17 15:50 UTC

Re: Personal blogs. Definition of the requirements - will be completed by 15 January  

I agree with nikolai. Is the personal blogs is most important things at which should be concentrated attention and resources? We try to build a new space nation or another social network? What sense in such possibility?

But if you will create such thing I think that owner (it's PERSONAL blog) of the blog must decide all it's features (it will be public or only for asgardians etc.).

Jan 10, 17 16:18 UTC

A personal blog can be used as a project page. You can interact with other
people about the specific object. You can also post pictures that goes with
the project. So it would be a good way to present and build up a project.

Grtz, Dirk.

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Jan 10, 17 16:49 UTC

What makes Facebook facebook is the little freedom the user have. Should enable posting of pictures and mature content, the user should be able of restricting others in viewing his post if it will offend others. The post should be fun, something that will keep Asgardians coming and spending more time on here.

Jan 10, 17 18:21 UTC

There are plenty of spaces in the net for "mature" needs out of Asgardia. Asgardia is a scientific community. Please, do not loose focus.

Jan 11, 17 03:42 UTC

Don't implement blogs unless the forum is finished. Finish the forums and we can start talking about blogs. Everything else is just unprofessional and not my business.

Jan 11, 17 05:21 UTC

penso che si dovrebbero innanzi tutto migliorare le traduzioni...spesso sono incomprensibili... grazie.

Jan 11, 17 11:02 UTC

+1 nihylum

You really want to fix one f*ckup before you create another.

A personal blog is just that: Personal. There's not really much sense deploying that capacity, especially now. As nikolai mentions, anyone interested in having a blog deployed one about ten years ago.

Jan 11, 17 20:39 UTC

As I see, nobody tries to understand the differences between Facebook notes, Forum titles, and blogs.

A blog is both a composition and an article. I could not see more than a few composition and / or article among more than 1 thousand Facebook notes and more than 1 thousand Forum titles. They are too short, have no main idea, etc.

When we talk about blogs, we don’t talk about social media or adolescent entertainment. We talk about serious articles about Asgardia which will be able to be read even after many decades.

More than 3 months had passed, we could have not created our own Asgardia Book yet.

Blogs may help it. If it does not help, nothing can be done for non-writer Asgardians.

Then, leave it (= to write blogs, articles, compositions) to real writers.

If it can not be done in this virtual platform, it will be done in other platforms anyway.

Jan 12, 17 08:46 UTC

I think that blogs are very important to give voice to all Asgardians, to know each other and to start building the community. Actually, at the moment I can't figure out a better tool serving this purpose.

Right, Rehaulku made a basic point: blogs are sort of websites with a focus and an identity. Facebook is not a blog, it's the evolution of Skype, if this can help to make clear the difference.

Personal blogs are the sharable ground where Asgardians should start to build a community, contributing with ideas, articles, etc. We need to remember that this is a scientific community --> nation with goals, common goals in all disciplines. The personal blog is the "window of your store". Ask yourself how you can contribute to the growth of this nation, what do you have/want to offer, what are you looking for... This is the starting point for a personal blog. Facebook is not a fitting model.

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Jan 13, 17 06:14 UTC

long live great Asgardia!

Jan 15, 17 23:22 UTC

Thank you asgardias!..

Jan 16, 17 00:06 UTC

What is exactly the personal blog and where are we can find that, i don't understand friends!

Jan 16, 17 05:27 UTC

Fatemeh you and I will have to learn together! I know I already frustrate the Mods because they will say send me a link for that! I go, LOL, that would be a computer like skill, right! I taught for a year at a college in 2000 and the students were asking me for my email then, I laughed and gave them my phone number. At least I have figured out email, Facebook, google, and online shopping!

Jan 18, 17 00:09 UTC

Hey, this is not my question answer, I'm just ask about blogs, and i understand more than that, i have computer diploma and my experience is about: acdl,internet,social media and computer software.

Jan 18, 17 03:43 UTC

I guess then I can ask you when I don't have a clue then!