Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 09:00 UTC

Search Bar in Forums  

My Fellow Asgardians, 

To cut down on duplicate questions and to also streamline the use of the forum for research I would like to propose that a search bar is implemented so that the users and citizens of Asgardia can find information relevant to their needs. 


Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 09:03 UTC

I wholeheartedly concur. In addition, it would be nice to have direct messaging, but I recognize that may be a more involved effort. 


Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 11:36 UTC

Hi Jason, 

I understand the inherit problems of integrating a multi-language search bar, perhaps a simple fix is a search bar that uses google instead and displays the results inside a Iframe?