Dec 20, 16 / Cap 19, 00 23:12 UTC

Some ideas  

As I have seen a lot of forums die off, when their owners started a facebook group this is my first observation of a project trying the opposite way.

For this step to be really successful and attractive to the user I think there should be some features that this forum, like a lot of others is/are missing.

Don't get me wrong for a kickoff this seems to be a really good one.

1.) Facebook users are used to the "timeline" a feature that should not be too hard to develop with a forum in the background. I think of a page to feature the latest (unread) entries from threads and chapters, the user has contributed or subscribed to, as well as official announcement in a descending chronological order. The user should have the ability to unsubscribe these items from his timeline directly (not for official announcements)

2.) notifications: browser notifications for the items included in the user's timeline. Optionally additional email notifications

3.) customizable profile

4.) private messaging

5.) and this has nothing to do with facebook: a search

6.) translations: I know this is a hard task, but over the long term a translation feature will be necessary

A minor note for a finishing: As I am using this forums mainly from my smartphone, I have to say that the posting titles and the link to the user's profile are a little bit too close together in the lists.

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Dec 20, 16 / Cap 19, 00 23:18 UTC

I think your ideas are pretty sound.

Edit: This might help as a feed substitute in the meantime:

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