Jul 8, 17 / Leo 21, 01 04:44 UTC

The declaration needs a tweaking  

See in the declaration under social justice it says something about not resembling 'Nazis' not that I am a 'Nazi' sympathizer reckon a lot of poorly educated folk automatically jumped on that idea once they read that last part, but you see I like to understand what I am looking at or being told to hate instead of following the flock with mob rule it's rather pathetic actually it's like saying if you read the bible you must be Christian, if you eat Chinese food you must be Chinese etc. Anyways back to my point the 'Nazis' actually advanced and exceeded extraordinarily in science and technology the information the allied nations seized from them by the end of the war we have been using ever since plus they had rather an advanced space program detailed as well that by now would have exceeded far beyond anything we see today and there was way more to 'Nazis' than genocidal mania and if this thought intimidates you or enrages you and makes you want to freak out and cuss me out like an angry monkey and get me banned you are nowhere close to being ready for space exploration let alone another alien race because the Asgardia Nation holds alot of the same principals in regards of scientific and artistic advancement a solid economy all great civilizationswant to develop this way look up the Thule or Vril society and ask yourself what would you do if you ran into a breakaway Nazi civilization up there in the star's judging by the spoon fed info you have been fed all these years how would you engage them exactly? mind you many nations that weren't one specific race actually joined their regime Afrika, the Middle East, Asia even different factions of Judaism backed them up because they had advanced ideas (stripping genocide, torcher and non anesthetic surgical precedures and fascism from the record of course) anyways if you can't handle this truth or any more similar discoveries that will be alot more discomforting than what I am telling you now you'll never be able to handle the discoveries of space and advancements in culture and technology if you cannot open your mind to some of the most recent trivial issues our own species have engaged in in history there where way worse people than even them .... You are really gonna need to learn how to keep an open mind especially if we run into other alien races I'm sure our configuration of our minds will see alotta change as well from the atmosphere anyways bottom line I think the 'Nazi' statement should be scraped off the declaration because it is vague as well as hypocritical to what we are trying to achieve ourselves.

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Jul 12, 17 / Leo 25, 01 15:39 UTC

I think the inclusion of such a line is also contrary to the stated purpose of leaving earthly political differences behind.  I am not suggesting that we forget, let's just not include specific references in our founding documents.  Sometimes, good can be found even in the worst of things.