How many citizens would like to see venus project part of this venture?

Total number of votes: 8

75% Yes please

0% Not interested

25% On the fence

Jun 5, 17 / Can 16, 01 22:46 UTC

The venus project  

I would like to know if the venus project was considered for any parts of the making of the entire project. I believe they would give amazing ideas and a way of life that is aimed by Asgardia. Jaques Fresco is dead now very recently. Roxanne Medows take the charge now. Would highly recommend looking into the venus project if it hasn't been explored already.

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Jun 5, 17 / Can 16, 01 23:46 UTC

Hi Perspirit, While the Venus project has some interesting ideas, there were some legal issues that made the project unsuitable for the ideals and concept of Asgardia. That is why we are taking steps progressively to build a strong foundation for Asgardia and bring this concept into a real future that will last for centuries to come. Let us know if you have any other questions. 

Dec 10, 17 / Cap 08, 01 02:49 UTC

Zahira, could I get the specifics on the legal issues?

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Dec 10, 17 / Cap 08, 01 12:08 UTC

I spend my time volunteering for Asgardia and I do not intend to discuss information on other non-related projects. You are welcome to research the information yourself via the internet or any other resource you may have. This topic will be closed for further conversation.

It has been stated by Lena and other officials that, while Asgardia will buy land, it will be for a functional purpose such as embassies, and possibly a launch site. But this will be some time in the future. As always if you have any questions you are welcome to visit the FAQ page or the Concept page from the menu above. Also you are welcome to access the previous live streams of Lena by visiting our Main Facebook page to review any information that she has discussed related to this topic.