Mar 5, 18 / Ari 08, 02 02:29 UTC

Why is Esperanto not a language option?  

I think a country neutral constructed language is only fitting for Asgardia.

Mar 5, 18 / Ari 08, 02 05:15 UTC

because it is based on english alphabet. This is not neutral for chinese and cyrillic humans. There is similar language which is based on cyrrilic script (see ). The arguments are the same - such language will have worlds which are common for all people in different cyrillic-based countries, and it will be easy to learn.

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Mar 5, 18 / Ari 08, 02 07:06 UTC

One simple answer, we need to unite people speaking one hundred world languages, and not to separate them.
The attempt to introduce a language is doomed to failure, since people are even more disunited.
Why reinvent the wheel, if there are online translators

May 10, 18 / Gem 18, 02 04:44 UTC

Esperanto is the best option because is easy: 1 year vs 10 years other languages.

Slovio not is option because the keyboards in all world don't have symbols on the keys.

Esperanto is in Duolingo,, Wikipedia,, ...

English is discriminatory (nation: fascism, incomes: classist, culture: language).

The cost for learning English is 10x that Esperanto (time and money --> English needs to hire a native English person).

May 10, 18 / Gem 18, 02 04:48 UTC

The question is not if Esperanto, Slovio, English or Spanish are options, the question is the cost for learn each language for person from Chine, Suthamerica, NorthAmerica, Europe, Africa, Russia, Australia.

Jun 21, 18 / Leo 04, 02 13:46 UTC

O custo para aprender esperanto é 0,00, de graça, pois os sites mencionados acima, duolingo,, não cobram para ensinar, o ensino é gratuito.

Jun 27, 18 / Leo 10, 02 14:59 UTC

Tengo entendido que la mayor comunidad de esperanto del mundo es China y Japón por lo que no entiendo porque la comunidad asgardiana con lengua materna china esta en contra. Es cierto que el esperanto usa caracteres latinos ( no ingleses) pero también es cierto que son letras casi conocidas en el planeta entero y aunque no lo fuese solo son 26 simbolos que estan en todos los ordenadores del mundo incluso los vendidos en china, en arabia o en rusia y por lo tanto el coste económico es cero.