Jun 23, 17 / Leo 06, 01 21:14 UTC

A Documentary on Asgardia?  

Hello, all.

I'm a filmmaker based in London who's been fascinated by the concept of Asgardia for a while. I'm intending to soon start research for a shortform documentary about the concept of a 'space nation' and its ramifications on being a test case for space citizenship and what the project means for the future of travel into space. My question is, are there ongoing projects of the same type? And are there means of contacting parties within the management of 'Asgardia' for interviews?



Jul 23, 17 / Vir 08, 01 12:56 UTC


Jul 23, 17 / Vir 08, 01 21:28 UTC

Make sure to do full research in this documentary and not just accept the official line by the administration.