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Re: Anime in asgardia  

Voy a hablar en mi lenguaje con el permiso de los moderadores hola de nuevo siempre me ha gustado el anime pero considerarme un Otaku tampoco llegó a ese punto Pero siempre me ha fascinado su forma de arte (incluída el ero) obviamente cada género es libre y nunca debe ser baneado pero por razones obvias no vamos a inundar de hentai este foro siempre Japón ha desarrollado el género de scifi como eje fundamental en sus historias y han sido tan visionarios que han acertado en una predicción que hablan en el anime

Recomendación de anime que ver en el más de asgard 

Planetes no voy a dar más detalles pero a mí la serie me atrapó por favor puede ser lenta al inicio (para el piromano) pero es interesante historia como se creó la unidad de desechos espaciales 😋😋

**Mod Edit** English translation- I will speak in my language with the permission of the moderators hello again I have always liked the anime but consider me an Otaku did not reach that point But I have always been fascinated by its art form (including the ero) obviously each genre is free and Should never be banned but for obvious reasons we will not flood hentai this forum provided Japan has developed the genre of scifi as a fundamental axis in their stories and have been so visionary that they have succeeded in a prediction they speak in the anime

Anime recommendation to see in the more than asgard

Planetes I will not give more details but to me the series caught me please may be slow at the beginning (for the pyroman) but it is interesting history as the space debris unit was created

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Piggy backing off of anime, can cosplay also be a form of expression? I also caught glimpses of steampunk, futuristic, and sci-fi being mentioned and I just want to say it all sounds great! Also, more on cosplay, I am currently a business major, specifically, I'm majoring in Entrepreneurship, and I think a Cosplay Café business will be great! I am still brainstorming the concept, but if I could use Asgardia as a concept and base the café off of it, all the while promoting Asgardian's ever growing culture, recruit more citizens, and use the Asgardian currency, the conversion to Solar, to help the Asgardian economy grow, I'd be very much ablidged to do so! I think I will further discuss cosplay cafés in a new discussion forum I will compose titled Cosplay Café, so if you're interested, please keep a lookout! And I believe I can complete the above mentioned task if my burden was lightened, I am running as a candidate, and I believe if I were to become a leader, scholarships and grants would motivate me to achieve my dream of the above aforementioned goals for Asgardia! So, I invite you all to please invite your friends, family, and followers and vote for me! As a leader, I will promise to do my absolute best to promote the best interests of every Asgardian to make a better Asgardia!!!

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So, what do we do now? Or going to do? 

Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 08:39 UTC

I love anime and manga from Japan and in Italy number of person following them is increasing. As proof  the number of big or small anime festival is increasing, each weekeng there is one of it somewhere in all country and the most import one (also worldwide) is Lucca Comics and Games. Maybe one day will be able to organize something similar in the space!

I wish that all human culture will be available in Asgardia. We have the obligation to save all type of cultural human products, from animation (from any nation) to books, from panting to music; everything.

The past is the basis of the future 

Sep 26, 17 / Sco 17, 01 23:13 UTC

I would like to notify all of the community I wanted to upload something for this amazing community I will only leave the links and leave the videos



Nov 16, 17 / Sag 12, 01 11:10 UTC

There is nothing wrong with japanese animation style or any art culture. I think Asgardia should allow this. So, we should accept all kind of animation style. But most importantly, we should support our own product.(Any product from Asgardians) This way, you will help improving the economy in Asgardia.(When the currency is available) However, that's just my opinion.

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Nov 19, 17 / Sag 15, 01 18:55 UTC

Anime is a good start art style for the future cultural futuro of asgardia but i hope we can make our  original style of animation, art, músic and others expression. 

Whatever i am into this xD 

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日本人はPixarのアニメが大好きです :)

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