Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 18:05 UTC

Do you wanna build a snow--- wait, movie?  


Ok, so who here has skillz in movies, or wants to participate?

I have some pretty damned good video and audio editing skillz, but my ability to produce video is pretty limited to what I can fake out of various video games. I cannot do 3-D rendering nor am I really able to act (but I can do voices and have good audio recording equipment).

So, who can actually produce video, or has a script?

(Yes, my use of skillz instead of skills is intentional.)

Dec 18, 17 / Cap 16, 01 23:12 UTC

id like to see your video games. What kind of movie you want to produce? I wonder its only a good script criteria & money. Keep in touch and lets see your video games!

Dec 18, 17 / Cap 16, 01 23:18 UTC

times up.... Well i didnt read before the date of expiration of the contest. Let me know if if you has produced that film.C U later