Hello Asgardia,

In an attempt to centralize news from around Asgardia, we have successfully implemented the ANN - the Asgardia News Network. The concept is simple - go to the ANN subforum (https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/ann-asgardia-news-network-153/) and read the news!

Feel free to share these posts and articles through your own communities, or translate them into your respective languages.

The ANN will take articles from the Chronicles, news releases from the volunteers - and submissions from the community!

The ANN was designed with the community in mind - swing over to the subforum and read "Submit An Article to the ANN" or click the link here: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/ann-asgardia-news-network-153/topic/submit-an-article-to-the-ann-4925/

I look forward to reading your submissions and sharing your story with your countrymen.

Ryan Zohar
Volunteer Communications Coordinator
Civic Asgardia