Jun 25, 17 / Leo 08, 01 07:28 UTC

Re: A Game for Asgardia  

We have to be realistic with this, being a game about something as innovative, as it is asgardia, you have to think about the fact that a game about asgardia would not be a good idea since, unless the history of said game is Happy at all times, the idea of a game of (example) action, about asgardia, has to have trajedia in its history, which, when the project is not ready completely, it is bad marketing to create a game where bad things happen, About a project where good things should happen. Now, this could be a good idea if at the time of being created, the project is already finished, that is, the nation built, transport ships, etc. Besides the design of the ship (in the game) among other things, and the same happens with the films and/or animated series about asgardia. 

Jun 26, 17 / Leo 09, 01 01:50 UTC

Well, I think games are good, and wish for more 3d simulators like asteroid, with varying amounts of realism. However, i suggest the game minecraft be modified to simulate space and space stations, and elytras are made super common. The game minecraft is an excellent general audiences community enabled game with explorations into VR, cross platform compatibility, and education/ skill development.

A game seed and texture skin packs could be sold in the minecraft store! 

Jun 30, 18 / Leo 13, 02 21:03 UTC

I really like to see something like that, like a new Asgardian im so interesed in this theme, games and space its really beauty

Jul 1, 18 / Leo 14, 02 00:51 UTC

VR space simulator. create yourself as an avatar on the future ark. Join other Asgardians like yourself. Set up a form of business to suit the needs of the colony. Learn a trade. Make it as realistic as your skills will allow with frequent updates as needed.