Nov 28, 17 / Sag 24, 01 23:34 UTC

Any RIFFTRAX or MST3K fans in Asgardia?  

If you don’t know what’s I’m talking about please just go to and check them out. I’m pretty sure Mystery Science Theater 3000 is on Netflix as well. 

Also, assuming I’m not the only fan, what’s your favorite feature or short. Here’s mine

Feature: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Short: Remember Me

Dec 1, 17 / Sag 27, 01 23:18 UTC

Right on man. If you get a chance tho you seriously need to check out Remember Me. 

And there’s also like 5 shorts all centering around this guy named Norman and he’s just having the worst day in each one. They’ll change your life lol. Ok maybe not really but they’re ridiculously funny. 

And which Werewolf mst3k do you mean. Because my favorite is I was a teenage werewolf. Gets me every time.