Can 26, 01 / Jun 15, 17 17:55 UTC

Re: BUILD YOUR CHARACTER - who would you be?  

I'd be a lone wolf, female, and just comfortable. My body structure would be tall and thin and I'd have the powers of teleportation, clairvoyance, and clone creation.

Her name will be Lissa. Basic but I like that name.

Can 27, 01 / Jun 16, 17 18:54 UTC

  • -Reclusive
  • -Female
  • -Comfortable
  • -Tall & Fit - being a short person irl, I don't know why anyone would choose to be short.
  • -3 Superpowers:
    • --Rapid Cellular Regeneration - like from Heroes; can heal physical and mental injuries so quickly I'd basically be immortal
    • --Teleportation - I used to want to fly until I realized teleportation would be faster
    • --Super Intelligence - like Ozymandias but without the evil part

Leo 00, 01 / Jun 17, 17 04:07 UTC


 I) Neutral, 

 II) Male

 III) Comfortable, having enough to be comfortable seems to be the way to go 

 IV) Average height, muscular stocky build

 V) Knowledge Absorption , so that I can learn and remember everything that I see, here and do
     Technology Manipulation, so that I can create bigger and better piece of technology and build space ships and such from the knowledge that I have learned
    Cellular manipulation, able to change, regrow and renew cells in my body and anybody that I am near.

Leo 01, 01 / Jun 18, 17 03:04 UTC

Alignment: Somewhere between neutral and chaotic neutral, with an affinity for doing the right thing when circumstances require.

Possibly a politician, mostly because I have a tendency of doing what I have to in order to do the right thing (I once ran for city counsel just so that I could expose the chief of police who was embezzling. ).

Gender: Male????!?!?!?!!!? I mean, that's what I am, but who knows what the future holds?

Economic Statues: Comfortably Settled. As someone who's been poor, surviving and comfortable, I have to say, I'd rather stay that way.

Height/Weight: 1.82m/103kg - Average size, with a little extra around the middle. Mostly because that's already what I am.

Unique Abilities: 

- The ability to find the truth of a person (ie, make them show their true selves). Seriously, I have this effect on people already, so I doubt that will ever change (its why I tend to do well in politics).

- Has a specialized set of nanites which allows for greatly accelerated healing. I'm an engineer, so I can definitely see this happening.

- Is able to endure the vacuum of open space for short periods (Less than 5 minutes). Courtesy of the nanites.

Leo 03, 01 / Jun 20, 17 02:27 UTC

1, Politician 2, female 3, Rich 4,thin 5, Wurtzite boron nitride-bone frame structure , god-like regeneration , Omega mind

Leo 24, 01 / Jul 11, 17 16:28 UTC


Hero, Male, Rich, Medium Build.

Powers: Hyperintelligence, Technomancy, EM manipulation.

For some reason I just have this idea of Tony Stark meets Dr. Strange. Making "magic" of the mind.

Vir 03, 01 / Jul 18, 17 16:17 UTC

@LeoBrazil If you are in the X-Men with that combination powers maybe they named you The Phoenix Man. Lol

My character would like to be:

I) Hero

II) Male

III) Rich

IV) Tall and Fit

V) Control of the elements, Empathy (As in Charmed), Deflection.

Lib 21, 01 / Sep 2, 17 19:16 UTC


 I) Lone Wolf

 II) Male

 III) Just Surviving

 IV)  Fit

 V) telepathy , energy control , and last one i think those 2 are fine :)

Oph 26, 01 / Nov 2, 17 23:53 UTC

Well i wanna be a scientist as well as doctor with supernatural healing power. Kindness, wisdom with power like hulk... 

Oph 27, 01 / Nov 3, 17 04:07 UTC

You guys are all missing the point of superheroes, namely: their flaw - their story used to be about how they overcame their flaw... that's whats missing in the new "heroes"

Hero - batazoid - Poor (what kind of hero is rich, seriously.. batman? please) - With telepathy, time travel and healing factor

But the point is telepathy and time travel make one practically invincible, so come with heavy cost...

So I'm a head in a jar :D

Sag 03, 01 / Nov 7, 17 14:47 UTC

@Chris Pavlis
So true. Laughed so much, while reading some "improbable heros"... ;-)))

Cap 04, 01 / Dec 6, 17 03:11 UTC

Tall and muscular male lone wolf + just survival (cause im live in turkey :D) and superpowers immm ; invisibility, teleport anywhere andd air bender

Leo 27, 02 / Jul 14, 18 23:22 UTC

I would be a Hero, woman, short, almost fat (like no fit, with some fat on particularly places) and my powers would be: Mind reading, Agility and manipulator of elements (kinda like air bending Avatar but with all 4 elements)

Ps: LeoBrazil... from Brazil?

Peace, Vanessa