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Collaborative storytelling  

This is very simple. Carry one with the story and feel free to be creative. You don't need to be a professional writer to have fun here. Please, try to be appropriate and don't ruin the fun for whoever wishes to participate in this thread. As a general rule, try not to kill off any character that will appear during this story; let's say that only the original author of a particular character has the power to get rid of his/her own creation. Also don't post a very long reply; a paragraph at the most should do, and try leave your contribution in a way that can be easily picked up by whoever will decide to carry on with the story. I'll begin. I look forward to seeing how many Asgardians will participate, how long this will last and how it'll evolve. Perhaps we're bout to write the next bestseller, who knows!

Hope had become nothing but a mere illusion.

They had ignored all warnings along the perilous voyage they had decided to undertake. Now they were standing on the edge of oblivion, their dreams of success ready to fade and be forever forgotten. It had all begun...

((and carry one from where I left))

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They stared out over the ridge at the planet they had crashed landed on, the remains of their space ship smouldering behind them. Looking at each other with confusion in their eyes they survey their surroundings....

Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 15:00 UTC

They were on the edge here of what seemed to be a forest. Tall dense trees were in front of them. The burning reckage was behind them, berran land to the right and left. They looked at each other...

Jan 4, 17 / Aqu 04, 01 02:38 UTC

...searching for clues as to their next step. Captain Taylor looked at them solemnly before pronouncing "Well, we can't stay here, I'll take my chances in the woods, grab whatever supplies you can and let's move."

Jan 4, 17 / Aqu 04, 01 05:02 UTC

Satisfied with their short-lived salvage operation, they began a slow march toward the treeline ahead of their position. Petty Officer Piper Dupont walked a mere step behind Captain Taylor, a heavy gaze fixed on her superior officer's nape, as if she could see right through. "I don't like any of this," she said with a broken voice.

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 06:29 UTC

As they pace through the forest, a thunderous explosion ripped the calmness they feel from the planet. They scattered around quickly to cover whatever might come next. A sound like howling rose from the direction they were headed. Some birdlike creatures began to take off from the trees. "Trees... are they not?"

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Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 01:15 UTC

But they weren't. What they thought was a forest of trees was actually group of giants covered in mud. The group stared for where they each had talked cover, then looked to the captain.

Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 20:29 UTC

The Captain look around at the team and made 3 signs with fingers, where the others members get covered positions of attack, because Captain realize that those giants seems not been so friendly, when they are eating other animals. The team in postion to a suprise attack, waits for a Captain attack sign. When the Captain sends the sign, a great explosion of light appears in the sky, making all of them confused, and the Captain said:

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Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 22:08 UTC

..."That wasn't something natural", his thoughts on what might have caused the blast were interrupted by more. Tactical officer Ehren Roth swiftly assessed the situation and said "Those looks like an old kind of stun grenade we had on Earth almost a century ago, but much more powerful...". The giants, scared by the explosions, quickly moved out of sight, and by doing so the blasts ceased. "But how is that possible, our orbital scans didn't show signs of technological development on this planet!" The captain barely finished his reply to Ehren when...

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Feb 3, 17 / Pis 06, 01 17:33 UTC

... over the ridge line behind them, silhouettes of something vaguely human shaped moved towards the crew of the Asgardian Resource Evaluation Crew. Until this very moment, Captain Talyor and his crew of seasoned Exo-Planeteers had never seen another living organism, and now they had seen three. "What kind of Hell have we landed in?" he wondered to himself. The Captain barked orders to his crew "Dupont, right flank! Roth, left side! Lieutenant, you stay with the ExoGeologist and find cover if things go south." He looked to his oldest comrade and friend Sergeant Frosdi and simply stated with a smile "First contact"...

Feb 20, 17 / Pis 23, 01 02:55 UTC

The vaguely human shaped silhouette came closer gesturing towards another direction, perhaps to safety. Upon closer view the armor could be seen worn on the body of the unknown entity around 7 ft tall and wearing a uniquely textured material of a geometrical pattern colored black and grey. Captain Taylor called the crew to follow since he felt there was no other choice for safety except making this choice and trusting this unknown entity. The entity motioned towards a large mound of rocks over a hill where a deep dark cave laid entry into another unknown place. Captain Taylor took out his flashlight from his armored vest and shined into the cave only to see the most beautiful crystals hes ever seen and signs of plant life. Deeper into the cave was an entire middle earth with an abundance of forests, fresh waters, and exotic plants.

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Feb 21, 17 / Pis 24, 01 14:53 UTC

Suddenly, behind one of the trees, a fleeting movement. What is that? Dupont murmured, pointing to the tree that gently swayed in the wind. When the others looked, they came upon dozens of bright little dots that lit and blotted out ...

Feb 22, 17 / Pis 25, 01 22:34 UTC

"What on earth?" Dupont shouted as the bright little dots appeared again this time in multi-colors and strobe like with vanishing once more into darkness. Then, a loud roar is heard in the distance, almost like the sound of a beast or dinosaur.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 09:09 UTC

As everyone looked out of the cave entrance wondering where the loud roar had come from. Jonesy the young recruit of the crew on his first mission backs away from the entrance. "I don't like this" he states, his voice cracking with fear and sweat pouring from his brow. As the others turned their attention to the young man they recognised yhe bright little dots as some kind of airborne spore. Tiny spheres Glistening and dancing through the darkness of the cave surrounding jonesy following the path of every breath he takes in and out of his nostrils and mouth, drifting in and out of his ears......

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