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this is more of a question but feel free to debate it but on a facebook group that i am part of someone asked if Cerberus is considered one dog or multiple dogs or one demonic creature or multiple demonic creatures. it has become a very interesting topic for the group. so i wanted to see what some scientific minds have to say about this mythical creature that i might be able to relay back to that group. so in short what i want to know is if Cerberus was real scientifically would it be considered one dog or 3 dogs?

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One goggie.

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This topic no longer interests me if someone wants too or wants me to start a general dungeons & dragons thread just let me know

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You can slay a Cerberus, Ettin or Hydra with Finger of Death, so yes, it's one creature. You might start a D&D thread, too.

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Posting more towards a general DND thread

I'm looking to improve my dm-abilities. Do you guys have suggested resources out there that you refer to often when developing your campaigns? Also particularly looking for info towards building immersive and engaging NPC's and Map making software.

thanks fellows


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We could adapt an RPG centered version of the board game "Life" and feel right back where our ancestors started ; )

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hey you guys. about D&D, i'm really interested about this game, actually been for a longer while but i just don't know anyone in my country to play face to face with and it's kind of awkward to go into a workshop event just to be taught the basics. so could anyone kindly recommend me a good youtube channel or such? i know there a plenty of guides in there but do you have any of personal favourites? there is just so much going on and i'm not sure where to start. i would appreciate a helping hand.

Feb 8, 17 / Pis 11, 01 07:13 UTC

My dungeon master abilities improved with my first campaign setting "night below" which I'd adapted to Forgotten Realms A&D 2nd edition. We've continued for 4 years with the same party during our university years. Also I was DMing Dragonlance campaign, too. I suggest you to DM 2 campaigns simultanously, and continue for at least 6 months straight.

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Anyone have a link of D&D starter pack to download, I´m from Venezuela so I don´t have dollars to buy one, any other expansión or guide to beginners that I ca download will be very helpful, thanks :)

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endme I love the youtube channel Web DM for general D&D information. VictorSape you can download the basic rules at I am thinking about doing an online game as well and think it would be great to have a Asgardian group to play online with. Anyone interested let me know.

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Endme, the youtube channel for DawnForgedCast is my personal go to. The guy there has a ton of videos on everything from map making to how to be a better DM. Plus hes cool and easy to follow. VictorSape, as tempus said, that link will take you to dnd 5th Edition core rule books and players handbook. Wizards of the Coast have published the content online for the first time for free and its awesome. perfect for what you need starting out. tempus12, I would totally be interested in starting up a campaign. or playing in one. Were you thinking turn based text style through the forum with more RP or something like Roll20 and run a more traditional style of game online?

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i could post a link to get all the 5th edition books in a pdf but its not technically legal. on the actual wizards of the coast webpage they give you the basic rules to be able to start playing for free but its not the full books. as for the people that have a hard time finding people to play it costs a little bit of money but not too much i think people are allways looking for players and DMs. actually i think roll20 might be free

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i would be up for a roll20 asgardian group or play in the forums somehow but i cant DM im already DMing a game i run with my friend and brothers but i would be up for playing a PC