Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 08:45 UTC

Linguistics is funny :)  

Did you know? "Mars" means "Go away!" in Hungarian.

Mars a Marsra! - Go to the Mars, now! Grrr...

And what about other planets?

- Venus: In Hungarian it is "Vénusz" which sounds like "Vénülsz", means "you are getting older".

- Uranus: Also similar to the English name, it is "Uránusz", sounds "Úr án*sz", means "lord's an*s".

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 08:48 UTC

Indeed, Languages are extra lives that people can live!

May 12, 17 / Gem 20, 01 16:14 UTC

English word "cold" it's very similar to italian's word "caldo" (hot). ;-)
"Actually", if said in italian (attualmente) means "currently".
"camera" in italian means "room".

We call them "false friends" as words are so similar to our (italian) language that we'll use them as we're using speaking italian... obtaining funny effects to english speaking ones. :-D

Jun 27, 18 / Leo 10, 02 11:18 UTC

Here's a sample of finnish language with english translation:



The feeling of being on fire

– Kokoo koko kokko kokoon!
– Koko kokkoko?
– Koko kokko.
[- Build together the Midsummer bonfire!
– The whole Midsummer bonfire?
– Yes, the whole Midsummer bonfire.]