Jan 11, 17 / Aqu 11, 01 18:37 UTC

Strongest/weakest attributes  

Hey Guys,

I'd like to try and to get to know Asgardians a little better :) I thought it might be fun if everyone was to share what their strongest AND weakest attributes are, that they bring to Asgardia.

I'll go first :P

Strongest attribute - My passion - Once i am passionate about something, that's it, I lock on and nothing nor no one will stop me from achieve what I set out to do to getting where I want to be, sometimes can get me in trouble though lol.

Weakest attribute - I have more than one, but I think my weakest attribute is communication - Basically, people baffle me lol. I often end up in hot water due to miss communication, i think I am being helpful, but it must not come across that way and it has landed me in some very embarrassing moments. I'll give you an example - When I was about 5 - 6 I was being a little git at school whilst the girls were playing Netball and the boys were watching. The teacher (Miss Evans i believe) told me to stand in a circle that was on the floor and don't move until she said (this was at about 3.02 and school finishes at 3.15). So me being me, watched my friends, all the other children, the teachers, go back in to the school, get sorted, and leave for the day. My Nan had to come and collect me at 3.48 as she wondered where I was and the teacher had not yet told me I could leave lol. Boy did I get some stick the next day lol.

If we are to become a nation, maybe sharing our strengths and weaknesses will help :)

Would love it if people share their strongest/weakest attributes.

Have a good day guys. Lloyd

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Jan 11, 17 / Aqu 11, 01 18:43 UTC

Strongest Attribute: My ability to imagine and orchestrate complex things.

Weakest Attribute: Communication I think. I work on it ;)

Jan 11, 17 / Aqu 11, 01 19:41 UTC

Strongest Attributes: High perception on detail and my self-awareness. I'm a very calm person,and an open minded one.

Weakness Attributes: Multitasking especially within environment that involves fast reaction time.

Jan 11, 17 / Aqu 11, 01 21:57 UTC

I'm the positive thinking type, I like to communicate as well, but I am somewhat reserved in that I don't put all my cards on the table at first. My weakness, I tend to be lazy sometimes and procrastinate.

Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 18:08 UTC

I would say my strongest attribute is my ability to innovate and adapt to work myself through most situations, often in unusual ways. But that is also a part of one of my weakest traits, I tend to get fixated on an idea and occasionally overlook other options. Sometimes with embarrassing results.

Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 23:55 UTC

My strongest attribute is ability to fix things. I look at something and in a short time i know how it works and what need to be fixed. My weakest attribute is that i need a gerat amount of personal time. In order to work and live with other people i need some time alone to adjust.

Jan 20, 17 / Aqu 20, 01 19:04 UTC

Strongest aspect: I'm analytically oriented, and my abstract reasoning skills allow me to solve almost any problem I set my mind to in a procedural way- i.e. I solve problems by generating algorithms.

Weakest aspect: I tend to speak in circles. I tend to "connect the dots" intuitively, so sometimes I skip steps when I express ideas, expecting other people follow. When I try to clarify, I usually don't realize what steps in my thought process I've skipped, which doesn't really help. I've been working to slow down and express every step of my thought process to improve communication. It's kind of pointless to be intelligent if no one else could understand- might as well be mad.

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Jan 21, 17 / Aqu 21, 01 11:00 UTC

Strongest: I can be capable of very logical thinking, my mind is wired so that my rationality completely overwhelmes emotions and gut feelings (which is not always a good thing though). This allows me to be good at math and programming (I know only a little bit of phyton, but it took me just a week from being completely oblivious on how it works to create very intricated programs to analyze experimental data), especially when applied to real stuff (like physics and astronomy). I've also good problem solving skills.

Weakest: I've trouble in relating with other people, not extreme trouble, but I'm still a bit asocial. I'm also lazy when I have tasks that don't catch my interest.

Jan 22, 17 / Aqu 22, 01 07:22 UTC

Strongest: Dependability- I'm always where I need to be and don't leave until whatever was assigned to is finished. Even when pulled away to do something else I will come back to finish what I started.

Weakest: Honesty- I'm brutally honest with what I think and feel. This doesn't always help me, as people who have asked my opinion usually don't like what I tell them when they ask for my opinion on what I have observed. (I will always ask if they really want to hear it because they may not like it.) Ex. My brothers best friend asked me why people kept comparing him to the fictional character Sterling Archer. My response: "Because you're an *hole." (A well-read, well-dressed man, but an *hole nonetheless.) He was a bit angry with the response but it was true.

Feb 12, 17 / Pis 15, 01 22:58 UTC

Strength: Intelligence. Critical thinker. Complex ideas. Creating out-worldly concepts. Ambition. Fearless.

Weakness: The deadly outcome of what the above strengths may cause.

Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 01:21 UTC

Strength : I have an open mind, so open in fact that I struggle to retain information. Weakness : I tend to forget things.

Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 12:53 UTC

Strength: Breaking things down.

Weakness: Memory

I have a gift for taking immensely intricate and complicated tasks and breaking them down into easily explainable and usable pieces. I do this professionally doing custom programming and troubleshooting for management types whose technical skills are somewhat lacking. It also requires that I communicate effectively with said managers, as I have found their vocabularies are somewhat limited.

My weakness is the fact that I can forget what I was doing 5 minutes ago. Slightly better than the proverbial goldfish, but only barely so. I write a lot of notes to keep myself organized so if I forget what I should be doing, I go back to my notes to get refocused.

Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 19:27 UTC

My strongest attribute is that I can't tell what is unimportant.

My weakest attribute is that I can't tell what is important.

Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 19:36 UTC

Strenght Eloquence Weakness: Memory to short time things (i dont remember what i have done yesterday , but i will remeber what i have done last week haha)