Mar 18, 17 / Ari 21, 01 19:09 UTC

Re: Strongest/weakest attributes  

Strengths: Sense of security, strong spatial awareness, Honesty, Empathy, Communication, ability to achieve what ever goal I truly set my mind to, ability to control my emotions and remain calm when the situation calls for it.

Weaknesses: My sense of security sometimes goes overboard, my spatial awareness sometimes prevents me from being able to sleep, my honesty can cause friction in certain situations, my empathy sometimes brings me right down when it becomes too much to control. Conversely, sometimes I control my emotions to the point where I feel nothing at all.

Its important to be honest with ourselves about our strengths and weaknesses, once that's out of the way we can address them, investigate their source, and work on improving them. In my case I can see that my weaknesses are pretty much the inverse of my strengths, which makes sense to me. I'm always considering my actions realistically, sometimes I conclude that my actions and choices are justified, other times I realise a fault in which case I seek to address it immediately or otherwise as soon as possible.

Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 06:54 UTC

Wonderful Topic btw, it let's myself think , that we are all honest to each other and make us connected :)

Strong Points:

Space Calculation

  • since little, I could precisely tell | "oh mum, this is 1.20m" , "Nono, this is 5-7cm to long this won't fit" | and pretty much can tell just my looking to some object - overall if the movement of it would fitt when opening , or how long , wide and hight it is :)

Fast Processing

  • I think that count's pretty much as my main and also think - only Talent | I can learn stuff easily and just accept the way it's written or ment to be used. For example, I have absolutely no idea how to code (never learned it, never showed interest, and was just boring) - but am able to understand it , and how it functions ^^ - Like you tell me that synonym X uses Y + Z to build up - while A & B create Z , so because Y won't work without the existence of A+B = you pretty much need to have Z, to create Y | or use let's say C to create A+B ... Stuff like this :') | so I think it would just be logical thinking and outside of the box thinking , to just "accept" what you have - and make the best use out of it (:

Languages and Pitch recognition | overall pointing where sound comes from

  • well because of the way above , told I can learn stuff pretty fast and connect it all together - languages are not hard for me to learn , only if I get enough will power to start taking a look at it get over how stuff is written & changed differently - depending on the specific language itself :)

  • Now since some time, and thanks to the passion to rhythm-gaming and music

    Specified controls to the eye focusing and overall trying to shorten down human/personal reponse time

  • it feels kinda strange, but you are able to feel - the limits of your body , or more likely the limits of your processing time

It angers me soo much (by daily bases) that the human brain lacks of the processing speed (including thinking multi simultaneously and doing 2 things at the symmetrical exact moment) - like you (at-least me) rly feel how slow your "activation-time" of your tasks are, and how you start to forget stuff and lose yourself up when doing more then 7 things - just because your brain can't keep up | same count's for short time memory ;-;

Where now my weak points come: Endurance

  • as I tend to use sometimes to much energy and finish stuff up faster then I should, for simple tasks like running | going up the stairs and overall just explaining someone something with the way I think it , is | I'm losing to much energy on it, and have to learn, to do simple stuff just slower and "enjoy" more the overall life and what happens around me slow - like others do :x

Staying still and relaxed

  • it's like NO :D I just can't ... | If someone should tell me to stay on one point for more then 1 min , I would freak out :') just can't stand still and do like nothing ... I have to do something, every time - anything , but I have to do SOMETHING :'D

Love attention

  • well it's kinda hard to say , letting it count as some "weak point", but then also people start to imagine stupid specified terms (like autistic, fame b**ch, being like a little cry baby , and stuff like this) ... but I mean , why ;-; just love being needed from someone, and work personally to also be good enough on/in most of the stuff (at least better then usual people are in their tasks) - just so I'd be able to count as a teacher, and being needed ^^' - it's a good feeling, but also a pretty harsh weak point | as you feel way faster lonely and just alone - cutten out from the outside

Communication problems

  • haha, ooh dear :D | well typical Millennium Kid Problem and PC user problem (in theory :^) - what can I say to this, well may I feel mostly like, it isn't needed to talk to person X , as talking would make more problems then not talking - as people tend to misunderstand a lot of stuff I say/they way I do, or just "understand" ^^'

-- And at the end, but should be easy to get by now

writing short novels

(explaining anything, so people woun't misunderstand it - at least in common theory^^)

being lazy

  • liking to finish stuff up the most efficient way, where always waiting for the last seconds to start doing something

forgetting pretty fast what I started to do,

  • as I just love to work use multi tasking capabilities - and end up sometimes forgetting what I rly wanted to finish off ^^

and who guessed it - being perfectionistic :')

I'm trying to work on anything problematic, and just do stuff slower - enjoy the life and and well continue to get better on stuff and more efficient on stuff I do. But I guess , laziness won't go away ^^''

Apr 5, 17 / Tau 11, 01 11:39 UTC

Strongest: Classified as a genius.

Weakest: Very bad social skills and next to no common-sense

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Apr 28, 17 / Gem 06, 01 17:18 UTC

Thank you for being so open and honest guys, love how we all agree, being open and honest with ourselves, and taking the time to look in is inevitably how we will all connect.

May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 14:36 UTC

Stength🦁 I am very emotionally strong. Thanks to my activated DNA I am always living my life outside the fight or flight mentality. I just AM! Happy with all for all is exactly as it should be. So yes my positive perspective is my strength. I also learn anything creative or musical very fast :) The wind is a symphony I can listen to for hours. 

I know my weakness and I will never change it. I am nice to everyone. I trust in the love & faith of humanity that I always give & give. Some say I let others "walk over me" I say to myself " they are learning the ways of themselves.. I know what I am and no matter what they inflict on me it is their choice. We are all in our own stages of life " I will continue to trust in all no matter the fated consequence.  My family says my introversion and communication skills could use some attention but I am quite satisfied with what I am... an Observer ;)

Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 19:46 UTC

my strongest attribute is I look at what needs to be done and get it done as fast as I can weakest attribute I tend to lose interest quickly

Jun 20, 17 / Leo 03, 01 02:35 UTC

My strength is me being patient and understanding, having forsee for the future , and not judge on appearance... weakness other then growing older and weaker until theres an refresh/regain treatment to turn back the clock or atleast slow it down... lol, my weakness i try to do to much with so little time i guess