Jan 3, 17 / Aqu 03, 01 03:53 UTC

Video games to channel your inner viking  

Since Asgardia clearly draws from Norse Mythology, here's a suggestion for a couple of video games that might worth exploring:

The Banner Saga (1 + 2)

Live through an epic role-playing Viking saga where your strategic choices directly affect your personal journey. Make allies as you travel with your caravan across this stunning yet harsh landscape. Carefully choose those who will help fight a new threat that jeopardizes an entire civilization.

It's a complex RPG, not recommended for beginners, but definitely a brilliant game. Both of them actually.

Do you have any suggestions? Any other game dealing with Norse Mythology that could be associated to Asgardia? I know more, but I'd like to hear the rest of the community.

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 22:43 UTC

Isn't the witcher series meant to be nordic aswell?

Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 12:03 UTC

Nope! Witcher is deep is Slavic folklore I love Mount and blade viking conquest, this game is amazing

Jan 10, 17 / Aqu 10, 01 22:51 UTC

Skyrim always seemed Viking-ish. Not to mention an overall amazing game that I'm sure has tons of Viking themed mods! ;)

Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 23:14 UTC

the witcher-for honor-skyrim. are definitely the top 3. for honor still to be about on 14th but looks very promising.

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Jan 16, 17 / Aqu 16, 01 09:23 UTC

You guys don't have any idea how long Ive had to keep my inner viking from taking over my my real personality. This could be dangerous for fear of me wrecking a lot of stuff

Jan 22, 17 / Aqu 22, 01 15:51 UTC

By the way, we've set up an asgardia gameing discord server. feel more than free to join, we currently have 22 users and are looking for many more to join, we also have a steam community!

Discord link: https://discord.gg/NNmhSuZ

Jan 30, 17 / Pis 02, 01 23:11 UTC

Im already viking no game needed

Feb 3, 17 / Pis 06, 01 16:19 UTC

There is a fun 360 game called "Viking" that could be of particular interest.

Feb 13, 17 / Pis 16, 01 12:17 UTC

Viking Reforged and Skyrim come to mind.

Feb 25, 17 / Ari 00, 01 02:35 UTC


This was something I played when I was younger. I'm also trying to remember the name of another game that I played a bit.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Severance:Bladeof_Darkness (Maybe not Viking to the theme, but the mechanichs where really good at that time.)

Well I found this on youtu.be . ^^ (Board games) https://youtu.be/JZYDOl8iAkU

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May 10, 17 / Gem 18, 01 21:04 UTC


I loved that game!

The viking-in-me trembles all the times my WoW's toons passes into Broken Isles' Stormheim. :-D
This even if I'm way more celtic than viking. ;-)

Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 01:38 UTC

I know in the game "For Honor" there are viking playable classes. It is almost a pure pvp based game though, so if that isnt your thing I wouldn't check it out. Also if you know a little bit about the viking culture, the games art design could get to you in little areas. Doesnt effect the mechanics of the game but it's something that could agitate a pet peeve.