Nov 16, 17 / Sag 12, 01 11:28 UTC

Re: Game Devs  

Hello, I'm an indie game developer. I just create a few games and it mostly create with RPG Maker. But the last summer, I start working in a big project which is my first game using Unity.

If you planning you create a game, I would like to help.

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Nov 26, 17 / Sag 22, 01 17:09 UTC

I'd be so happy to be part of this! I'm just about to take Multi-Media Classes & learn on Maya Computer Animation. Hopefully I can contribute by then.

Nov 30, 17 / Sag 26, 01 05:15 UTC

I'd be interested. I'm currently learning programming in college and have spent a bit of time in rpg maker and a bit of moddelling in blender in my free time.

Dec 5, 17 / Cap 03, 01 15:46 UTC

Hi! I am in the mist of a start up. It is called ArcLamp Intellectual Properties LLC. It’s a bit of a different concept. Instead of just focusing on video games, it also is a website for people to share their own indie comic books (similar to the idea of a book turning into a movie, except this is comics turned into video games). I would love to connect to other game devs and artists of the craft who are also apart of Asgardia so we can eventually build a well fleshed out industry in this country-yet-to-be.

VR has many uses beyond just gaming and I can see great possibilies as an aid to the experience and expansion of Asgardia. I see our constitution has a right to education, what about VR college? Could you imagine being in a VR lecture hall :0 or a lab study?!

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Jan 19, 18 / Aqu 19, 02 14:27 UTC

I think that the game should take ideas from

  1. freeciv
  2. freecivac, alpha centaury (,
  3. Alien Legacy ( ) .
  4. freeorion (

I.e. this may be a strategic game, where several "space nations" are competing for human minds to build better infrastructure in space.

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Feb 18, 18 / Pis 21, 02 16:33 UTC

Hey Guys I have some skills with Python programing Language I could help you with somethings. but I have an Idea, For a while,Asgardia is A Digital Nation so I was wondering if we instead of create a game, we could create an Asgardia's VR environment that would be our Virtual nation with the Schools and Universities that would work. Imagine how awesome it would be! And it would help us to be recognized by the ONU as a country ( every country has a territory ).

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Apr 27, 18 / Gem 05, 02 06:18 UTC

i interested.

i love learning everything, but just half, i can C, C++, C#,, Pascal, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, CAD, Google Sketchup and manymore, but my knowledge its just half, im not focus to learning 1 programming language.

Aug 22, 18 / Lib 10, 02 07:43 UTC

Sounds cool. You got room for C++/C# tinkerers? I can probably learn other languages, but those are my focuses.