Leo 15, 01 / Jul 2, 17 01:33 UTC

Re: What games are you playing?  

hi all, i mainly play on pc at the moment with games like Empyrion ( in the process of owning a server), mount and blade, dawn of war But also have a ps4, occasionally play battlefield one

Leo 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 21:19 UTC

I'm playing LISA right now. This game is like a toxic relationship in which you're getting beaten but you stay because you blindly believe that things will get better and it's not really so bad. ... 10/10 great game. Try it, especially if you just had one of the worst days of your life like friends funeral or something. It's gonna work like a catharsis right after it burns your soul to ashes.

Leo 24, 01 / Jul 11, 17 16:08 UTC

As much hate as I might get... I love No Man's Sky. I took a break to get some other games in... But SPPPPPAAAAAAACCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEE!

Leo 24, 01 / Jul 11, 17 17:17 UTC

Avorion (Space-based exploration / survival / shipbuilding / politics / economy) when my family is sleeping (because you cannot pause)

7 Days to Die (Zombie Survival Tower Defense game) when updates come out, because I beat it on the last update already

Stellaris (4x RTS with politics and economy thrown in for good measure) when my family is awake and I have a chance to play, because it can be paused


Leo 26, 01 / Jul 13, 17 18:04 UTC

Mass Effect Andromeda, for sure!

Waiting for some DLCs to continue my journey...

Leo 27, 01 / Jul 14, 17 15:24 UTC

I just finished Far Cry: Primal, great game.  Now I'm onto Prey.  So far, a very good game with moments that make you jump.  For example, there are these alien creatures that can mimic anything.  In some cases you'll eneter a room and they quickly change into a chair, a box or even a gun.  Sometimes they'll come out and attack, other times you bump into an unassuming object and they attack you.  I definitely recommend the game.

Leo 27, 01 / Jul 14, 17 15:27 UTC

TheDarkForest: "

Mass Effect Andromeda, for sure!

Waiting for some DLCs to continue my journey..."

I finished Mass Effect Andromeda a few weeks ago, great game!  Unfortunately, Bioware won't be releasing any DLC's and plans for a sequel have been shelved.  Very disappointing.


Vir 00, 01 / Jul 15, 17 20:22 UTC

@ CJM1979 I've checked the link you've posted. But i can't believe it. There are too many open story lines, the game is not complete...

Did you play all the other parts of Mass Effect? I love them, so i use to play them again and again. I wish there would be more games with a Sci-Fi theme on the market.


Vir 02, 01 / Jul 17, 17 13:23 UTC

@TheDarkForest: "Did you play all the other parts of Mass Effect? I love them, so i use  to play them again and again. I wish there would be more games with a  Sci-Fi theme on the market."
I definitely did! I have all the DLCs and played it three times at differing levels of difficulty, any reason to play it again.  Love the game series so much and I wish there were more open world scifi games in the same vein as the Mass Effect series.  Being a Trekkie, I enjoy the fact that you, as a human being, have to cooperate with other alien species in order to combat a common threat.   Mass Effect: Andromeda needs to be continued, since at the end it hints to more adventure.  

Vir 26, 01 / Aug 10, 17 07:51 UTC

I am playing Space Engineer. Welcome to add me as steam friend. My Steam id is Revil_Serhiy or maplesyy.

Lib 08, 01 / Aug 20, 17 18:54 UTC

  • I finished "Ori and the blind forest" and now I recommend it to everyone. There's not a single bad thing I can say about it from the technical point of view. Game mechanics, graphics and music are 11/10. If someone won't like it, it may only be because of their subjective tastes but if you're into some good 2D platformers.... go play this piece of art right now. <3

Lib 10, 01 / Aug 22, 17 17:14 UTC

I've been playing a lot of Elite:Dangerous recently with the Horizons expansion, I also play CS:GO on South American servers. also have other games like portal 2, Paladins, Sid Meier's civilization 5 and Dirty bomb (some other games but not many multiplayer)
would be nice to find others playing Elite on PC to play together

Lib 11, 01 / Aug 23, 17 19:11 UTC

For the moment none, but soon Dual Universe Pre-Alpha.


Lib 11, 01 / Aug 23, 17 21:21 UTC

Friends showed me "Horizon Zero dawn" today and it's the coolest and also the most beautiful postapo game I've seen with quite interesting concept and good game mechanics. Definitely something worth checking out if you like cool mechanical creatures but also great outdoors.

Lib 24, 01 / Sep 5, 17 12:40 UTC

Interesting to note that the majority posters are combat gamers. However, pending outer space, it's the social virtual space of THERE.COM that has held my attention for over a decade - a whole virtual community occupying a virtual planet just having fun.

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