May 9, 18 / Gem 17, 02 05:08 UTC

Re:What games are you playing?  

DOTA 2, world of tanks, Minecraft PC (modded or unmodded) command and conquer CoD prison architect and sometimes an indie game here and there like when I'm bored with the other games currently full time with  Minecraft PC modded version

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May 15, 18 / Gem 23, 02 22:31 UTC

right now I am playing Elder Scrolls Online for ps4, great game.

Jun 14, 18 / Can 25, 02 20:18 UTC

Hello, Asgardians! I'm playing League of Legends (Brazil server), The Elder Scrolls Skyrim (offline version), Kingdom Hearts (it's offline but is my favorite game ever), i have Dota 2 but i'm not playing right now, was my first MOBA, Saint Seiya Online, etc. But, i like MMO's in general, if any Asgardian have a good MMO for show me, i'll be very happy to play some hours (And probably have a lot of mistakes in my text, but english is not my main language, sorry).

Jul 8, 18 / Leo 21, 02 23:03 UTC

On Ps4: currently I am bouncing between Fallout Shelter, Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain, and Fallout 4

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Aug 4, 18 / Vir 20, 02 13:49 UTC

Hail fellow Asgardians!

Nier: Automata

Pokemon: Ultra Moon

Kingdom Hearts 2

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Fire Emblem: Shadows of Velentia

Diablo 3: Necro Patch

I think I need to pick one at a time, I'll never beat these games playing multiple at once, lol