Dec 2, 18 / Cap 00, 02 10:20 UTC

AI sat..  

What about a little satellite with an AI inside. We could let it loose and see what it does by itself with science and space data. I am sure it would find interesting shortcuts about space. If we give it an eye it could in real time look at the universe. We could give it sensors like gravity, radiation, temperature, etc. Also a way to communicate with larger satellites.

Grtz, Dirk.

Dec 2, 18 / Cap 00, 02 15:06 UTC

To my view an AI is only useful for shortcuts in data.

Dec 2, 18 / Cap 00, 02 16:46 UTC

I agree

an AI could be very important for the monitoring of certain conditions in the space environment

Dec 2, 18 / Cap 00, 02 18:24 UTC

Yes ... Sure ... Star Trek says hello.

Why the hell does an AI in space remind me of "Star Trek the Movie"?

Can you still remember the mechanical monster "V'ger" in the movie?

It was also a probe ... And it became so intelligent that it threatened humanity.

I think AI is a great thing ... But like the nuclear fission, it should rather be used wisely and with the utmost caution.

As far as my personal opinion.