Nov 27, 18 / Sag 23, 02 18:30 UTC

Annual Citizenship Fee  

Why annual fee is mandatory? I lose my citizenship status if I lose job and failed to pay citizenship fee.  

Section 18 : Revocation of Citizenship

i. Fails to pay the annual citizenship fee for more than one year.

Nov 28, 18 / Sag 24, 02 05:26 UTC

 Hence why this is a SCAM.   Which is fine, because when people don't pay, and that 200,000 members drops like flies, then reality will set in for these people.  This is Mars One all over again.

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 20:31 UTC

people are disappointed when they discover that the citizenship of Asgardia is not a digital thing, which gives them the right to participate in some investment or offer some administrative solution

Nov 30, 18 / Sag 26, 02 17:39 UTC

I want to pay now becuse I have a job. What happened if i lose job in my country? How do i make payment per year?

Dec 1, 18 / Sag 27, 02 13:43 UTC

The citizenship tax in the kingdom of Asgardia is a logical decision. But that's what the amount of this tax is needed. For many citizens, 100 euros is a lot of money. Let's discuss the cost of civil tax. Maybe 1 euro, or 10, or 50 euro per year? If 100 euros is not satisfied, then you can file a petition to establish a different amount of tax.