Dec 13, 18 / Cap 11, 02 07:58 UTC

Asgardian Citizenship fee ?  

Hello there m fellow Asgardians,

it has been a long time since i was on here due to work and stuff , so when i first went back on the site i was asked to pay a fee to become citizen knowing that i already have a certificated with my full name and ID on it .

is it for new citizenship requests ? or a new procedure ?

have a good day everyone :)

Dec 13, 18 / Cap 11, 02 08:40 UTC

Before paying better check your profile on the top for messages in red font.

Grtz, Dirk.

Dec 26, 18 / Cap 24, 02 05:57 UTC

same case as the one above. I was absent 1 year for work issues, difficult year.

What happens with the detail of the red letters ?. in my case in theory should be exempt from payment.

idioma original:

mismo caso que el de arriba. me ausente 1 año por cuestiones laborales, año dificil.
que pasa con el detalle de las letras rojas?. en mi caso en teoria deberia estar excento del pago.