Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 17:16 UTC


If i think at big publicity then i think at big billboards aside main roads. Now we are in a digital age, how could we setup big billboards on the Internet. I was thinking.. what if we would make 250k digital billboards.. a html-page with text and pictures.. and place them on our local servers.. we could add some code to refresh the page at certain time intervals.. at a certain point these billboards would appear in the search engines.. we could also insert lots of keywords in that page so that we cover the whole picture of Asgardia.. i know it sounds a bit like spamming but it is not on a personal level but more as a world publicity.


Grtz, Dirk.

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 17:47 UTC

Sounds pathetic :D Though some kind of advertising campaign could be helpful.

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 18:06 UTC

Haha, ok, maybe then 1 big digital billboard in space. ;-)

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 18:14 UTC

Not that way. There has to be some real project which can be spreading by press, with inviting investors and/or employees. That will bring good kind of attention to Asgardia. Need something solid. Like, i dunno, developing and launching cool new rocket? :D Well, at least something competitive.

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 18:48 UTC

A new sort of fuel made from plastic waste without emissions of polluting gases.

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 23:44 UTC

Yup, it's even better than brand new rocket because it'll clear Earth :D

Aug 23, 18 / Lib 11, 02 12:57 UTC

Something like this?:

Aug 29, 18 / Lib 17, 02 13:57 UTC

Hey friends, how are you?

I need your vote to be the Mayor of Toronto for Asgardia to bring people together and celebrate life and technology.

Can you click here and upvote:

Thanks for your support :)