Greetings fellow Asgardians, 

Where are we in terms of building permanent residences in space, the kind as envisioned in the movie Elysium starring Matt Damon?
 "Space Colonization  Stanford Torus Type Station 1970's NASA Video"

Where are we at in terms of asteroid mining?
"What If We Started Mining Asteroids?"

The key fundamental hindrance to building up in space is the processing of raw materials(Your standard irons and zincs and coppers.)

I'm trying to think of ways to be completely self sufficient up in space without need of oxygen from earth to do the smelting of ores. 

The best and only way seems to be chemical smelting:

That is to say the processing of ores by means of chemistry rather than thermal methods. 

The question is can we do this on an industrial level so as to build city sized objects in the solar system?
Your fellow Asgardian, 

 Tomasz Marek Alemao.