So from the main page here on this website, Rather interesting. A Re Revised Directive. Seems as if common sense and the complaints being made here, and possibly on youtube are being seen an heard. To a degree.  They still do not want to drop this Yearly Subscription fee to be a " resident " but are getting a clue to change the terminology, being used to describe, citizens versus, followers, versus suspended, and who gets to benefit from what as an Asgardian.  Calling this  Fee a Resident or Citizenship fee, is just non sense , because all across the globe  to become a citizen of a country you file paper work, swear an oath, and pay a ONE TIME FEE. Then you get a job and pay taxes.

This idea to create a national income via off the backs of other working people is insanely stupid. It is even worse, to engage in a pay to play mentality to become any kind of official of Asgardia, there is a difference between paying filing fees or application fees, versus having to have paid membership to be a  " resident " or an " elected official". Two very different things. One makes sense, having to pay a yearly subscription to maintain ones status as a " resident or official; is bogus ". An it becomes laughable and convoluted to rational people of the world.

They seem to be listening, seems to be going very , very, very , very , slowly, but perhaps this might not be a scam after all, and just really piss poor planning on trying to execute an idea.

I don't like the classification an slicing people up into haves and have nots. So now if you don't pay you are an Asgardian, if you do pay, you are a Resident Asgardian. An then if you paid but stop, at any time now you are a Suspended Resident Asgardian who will thusly be transfered to Asgardian Status.

See how moronic all this is becoming.

A one time fee makes more sense To be a full fledged citizen.., all other fees can be labeled as filing or application fees, which are ONE TIME FEES. After that if Asgardia, Igor, whom ever wants to create an on going income for Asgardia, then start creating products to sell ! Anything, literally make anything, a pencil, a crayon, heck sell the famous PET ROCK. Slap the name Asgardia on it, charge a minimal price and bingo now you have income, that you can then turn into solar, or what ever stupid currency ya wana call it. An then save and invest said money.

This is seriously not hard to figure out, and I don't even have a basic degree in Business and I have a pot ton of spelling and grammatical errors.