Jan 3, 19 / Aqu 03, 03 21:07 UTC

Citizenship Fee?  

Does Any other Asgardians think the 100 Euro Citizenship fee is a bit unfair for the less financially capable, talking from experience as i do not have a lot of money myself, as well i noticed the part of the constitution that said something about Finiancial Standing too. Seems double unfair then too. 

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Jan 3, 19 / Aqu 03, 03 23:12 UTC

I'm a student studying Engineering (Mechatronics) - I couldn't afford this on top of travel, books, rent, food etc.  Which is pretty much all I spend money on these days.  Honestly it feels like they've said they only want those who are well off.  Absolutely no means testing at all other than "Are you a child".  Thanks for making me feel unwelcome.  :/  I'm still not even sure what they want to *do*, how far through any projects they have or even if they've started anything other than buying a spot to launch a microsat.

Jan 4, 19 / Aqu 04, 03 17:57 UTC

Than you for the comments.

Yes - I do think the 100 Euro fee is unfair to those that cannot afford it. I also think that it is unfair to those that cannot afford it, to not have the 100 Euros fee.

Let me explain my view on this.

Everyone want's services form Asgardia Government.

This government employees needs to be paid a salary to perform their work as this is full time work and not part time internet games.  

There is no economy in Asgardia to Tax, because there is no Government to put it in place yet.

There are people that are financially capable of supporting the creation of Asgardia Government and indirectly the economy.

We need to have a minimum level of financial support from people to put Government in place to show their commitment and to try and balance the future budgets.

Once Government is in place, the Economy can be developed and stimulated.

Once the Economy produces a Taxable income, Asgardia can Tax the economic
activities and fund the Government.

Once the  Economy can fund Government fully, the idea is to scrap the Citizenship Fee, and transform it to a one time Citizenship Application and Processing Fee.

Anyone applying for and gaining Citizenship, will receive such Government services as are available at that point in time.

People financially capable of helping fund the development of this Government, is called Residents.

People that cannot help fund this Government at this time, is called Followers.

Residents and Followers have the same benefits, except that Residents will at some point in the future, be first in line to have their Citizenship applications evaluated when such process starts and in the meantime they will receive a Resident Identification Card valid for the period of the funds they paid.

Allowing people that can financially contribute, to do so, and gain a new title (Resident) and an Identification card, and be first in line,  is a small token of consideration.

Nothing that anyone that signed up to Asgardia have now, is taken away from those that cannot afford to pay the Citizenship Fee.

The sooner we get a working Economy, and everything else needed to get it going, the sooner we can scrap the Citizenship Fee,  especially for those that cannot afford to contribute.

Parliament is just one part of the Governance Structure :
Parliament - Legislative Powers
Government - Executive Powers
Justice  - Judiciary Powers
This is my take on this issue.

Jan 10, 19 / Aqu 10, 03 12:10 UTC

@Benjamin Dell raised excellent points! Furthermore, the first 100000 applicants of Asgardia are exempt Citizenship Fee for one year.

As a University student, I can sympathize with how big 100 Euros feels. However, 100 Euro is less than 3 Starbucks coffee every month for 12 months. If you break it down, it is feasible.

Ultimately, give what you can if you believe in the mission of Asgardia which is to help shape humanity's endeavors into space. You also have one-year leniency to pay the CF just like you'd pay taxes. In the meantime go out there and volunteer, represent, and keep moving forward.

One Humanity. One Unity.


Toby N

Jan 10, 19 / Aqu 10, 03 14:29 UTC

The 100 Euro Fee should be allowed to be paid in monthly installments. I have been told that one MP is paying around 8 to 10 euros per month to pay her 100 Euro fee. While the rest of us have to pay 100 Euros in full. 

Jan 14, 19 / Aqu 14, 03 01:53 UTC

The Great majority of the Asgardians are people in difficult financial situation

The value of the Citizenship Tax was given without any survey of the citizens' economic situation

the value was calculated without any vote of the Public Budget, which makes it arbitrary

but I believe in the Asgardia project

I believe they will find a solution to this.

They are good people with good intentions.

Asgardia is a Space Nation and will not take Earth's problems into space.

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Jan 15, 19 / Aqu 15, 03 03:32 UTC

@Davedgreat2000 I would agree and advocate for monthly installments. This system is used in most developed countries for tax payments and refunds.

Mar 17, 19 / Ari 20, 03 03:52 UTC

As a resident of Asgardia who has paid their citizenship fees, (and am also in a financially unstable situation as currently stands) I fully understand the hesitation to want to give €100 when there isn't even so much as an established National Bank yet or even an embassy for citizens/residents/followers to visit, however @Benjamin Dell made some excellent points. One thing that I personally feel should change with the citizenship fees is the idea of having the €100 fee be an initial cost as a form of immigration fee with a lower "Re-certification" fee each consecutive year of being a citizen. I also hear mentions everywhere about having a monthly payment system for those who cannot provide a lump sum all at once and i wholeheartedly agree with that as i myself had to save up for a few months before being able to pay for my citizenship fee. (Though i'm glad that there was a grace period of not having to pay before having the residency status stripped.) I still stand by the reasoning that you can't build a space ark with hopes, dreams, napkins and chewing gum... A nation has to start somewhere and it can't fund itself from thin air. As with any other nation, Governments get their money from the citizens that reside in their land and i see no reason for Asgardia to be any different.

Apr 24, 19 / Gem 02, 03 05:06 UTC

I have paid the fee, but I would agree that it is unfair. I wonder if it couldn't be indexed to the citizen's previous/current country of residence? We do not financially reside/work in Asgardia currently. Indexes exist and it should be simple to use one. e.g. 25 x Big Mac index is about 100 EUR, but only 250 Złoty. Although Numbeo's cost of living index would be better, we'd have to detail what city you're from. e.g. A New Yorker should pay 100, a Krakus should pay 60 EUR, a Baselländer should pay 130, but it should cost only 29 EUR for someone from Mumbai.