Jan 25, 19 / Aqu 25, 03 06:05 UTC

Economic program ( is a joke )  


well, here we go...

I am going to comment on this a bit all over, but from the bottom of the article first, where it is mentioned, that there is a goal of 10,000 satellites. To there in turn create a network, and their own IP for asgardia etc.


WHY? Because look at the website you are on right now reading this... THIS IS A NETWORK WHERE People can NETWORK , talk to each other, etc.   An if Asgardia wants their own IP do you really want it owned by a "Government" shouldn't an IP be owned by private citizens ? An why is there a need for 10,000 satellites ?  We have one cube sat in low earth orbit, that probably in terms of information storage, isn't even at 70%.

There is mention of offering share options which is smart, as to create an income for Asagardia, would I personally spend, 1,000 USD or any currency, to own a share, No.

You can buy shares of companies for less that 1,000 of any currency, it is an insane price for something that is providing nothing but hope.

IF Asgardia was serious about space exploration, there are some better options, than pissing around with what ever they are doing. Just off hand, they could make money and create probes, to go to Mars and the Moon, and debunk a lot of conspiracy theories. Hire a P.R firm to create hype about it, create a youtube red channel, to make more money an then create a televised program, that is factual and informative in those regards an not some fluff tv docu series.

Or heck, create a real probe, that can reach our nearest star system to send back information in one or two generations. The Voyager series that NASA created is still going strong, and has sent back tons of information so far, they wont last forever sending information, but they will phsyically continue to be in space until they crash into something.

Or create a one way probe to any star system, with a type of time capsule in it, some kind of probe that once it reaches its target, it sends out a radio frequency burst that can be picked up by ONE Asgardian Satellite to confirm that it reached its destination, an send out another signal in that star system to be picked up by any intelligent life.

Those are just examples , feel free to put in your own common sense examples as well.

But Alas, we are stuck with people, that are just playing games, trying to make a buck for themselves, They cant get this simple website out of beta, they cant keep spammers out, they have no credibility , they offer only empty hopes and dreams and promises.

Feb 3, 19 / Pis 06, 03 17:28 UTC

Or register, and ride the bandwagon till the end of the world...I mean space. :D