Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Asgardia Forums

Q: What is Asgardia: The Space Nation? A: Learn more about Asgardia at our main site, or view the frequently asked questions at

Q: How do I Register to be an Asgardian? A: Visit our main site,, and click Apply.

Q: How do I Verify my membership? A: Respond to your membership confirmation email. If you did not receive it promptly, please check your Junk or Spam folders. Follow the instructions in the email to verify your membership and to create your user profile for the forums.

Q: How do I get to the forums? A: Visit and click on FORUM, or go directly to

Q: Where can I find the rules for the board? A: The forum rules are found in the News & Announcements forum, in the Forum Announcements sub-forum.

Q: Where can I find the posting guidelines for each forum? A: The forum description and posting guidelines are found in the Welcome announcement within each forum or sub-forum.

Q: How can I read a post in my local language? A: Currently, the main language of our forums is English. While we appreciate and respect global diversity, translation technology is not always accurate or affordable. We plan to have localisation services available to help you view the forums in your local language but, for now, we ask our members to use English. In the geographic forums for national chapters, we encourage members to use local language(s).

Q: What do the Name Tags / User Groups mean? A: Members who use our forum are divided into groups which help determine their levels of access. Some members can freely post while others can move the posts of others or may even ban users. Some common tags are:

Asgardians are members who have verified their accounts and are logged (into the system. These members cannot moderate forums, delete posts, or create announcements.

Chapter Advocates / Chapter Mods are staff who organize national, division, or city chapters of Asgardia. These people can moderate forums, edit certain posts, and modify announcements.

Global Admins / Global Mods are staff who can manage discussions in any forum on the board. These people can moderate forums, edit certain posts, and modify announcements across the board.

Interest Admins / Interest Mods are staff members who manage discussions in the interest forums. These people can moderate forums, edit certain posts, and modify announcements.

Translators are members who volunteer their services to help translate documents and material for Asgardia. They have access to special staff forums to help with their work.

Q: Can I post everywhere? A: No. Forums have areas for Announcements and for Topics. Announcements may only be created by staff; Topics can usually be created by anyone. .

Q: How do I Navigate the forums? A: Our discussion board has many categories of forum, such as General, Arts & Culture, as well as one for each Ministry. Within each category are the forums, with sub-forums below them. As you explore, there will be a dark navigation bar near the top-center of each screen which will display your navigation path. Some people think of it as a “trail of breadcrumbs” to help guide you back the way you came. You can click FORUM INDEX to return to the main menu, or you may click any entry along your navigation path to jump to where you were before.

Q: How do make a post? A: Navigate to a forum. If this is your first visit, review the posting guidelines in the Welcome announcement. Click NEW TOPIC. Give your post a Subject and a Message, then click SUBMIT. If you can’t see the NEW TOPIC button, make sure you are logged in by clicking Log In, near the top-right of the web page.

Q: How do I reply to a post? A: Navigate to a topic inside a forum. Click its Subject. Click the small button labeled POST REPLY. The Subject field will automatically fill, you can change it if you desire. Type your Message. Click SUBMIT.

Q: What does it mean to Subscribe to a post? A: Subscriptions give you easy access to posts you choose to follow, no matter where they are on the board.

Begin a Subscription. If the conversation on a post looks like one you wish to observe, click SUBSCRIBE on that post. Respond appropriately to the confirmation screen.

View Your Subscriptions. At any time you can then click on your Subscriptions link to see the posts you follow - that screen will show you when each post was last updated.

End a Subscription. To stop a subscription, click the Subject of the post on your Subscriptions screen, then click the UNSUBSCRIBE button.

Q: How do I edit my post? A: Each of your posts should have an EDIT button. Click it, then change the text or subject of your message. It is polite to type [EDIT] in your post to let others know the content has changed. In some cases, the timestamp of your edit will be automatically placed on the post.

Q: How do I delete my post? A: At this time, deletion of posts is not permitted.

VQ: How do I report a post?** A: At this time, content cannot be reported. Moderation staff review the forums on a regular basis and respond to disruptive material in an appropriate manner.

Q: Where can I find more help? A: Look in the News & Announcements forum for Feedback, help, and tips to make your visit more enjoyable.