Jan 5, 19 / Aqu 05, 03 22:15 UTC

Forward planning  

As our plans are to make space-arks and a moon settlement i am starting to think ahead of these plans. Why? Because someone else will find a way to do it faster then us. Fast travel to the moon is not long of, a base on the moon will come soon after mining. I foresee accommodations for sleeping and living on the moon. We could also use a science lab on the moon but again someone will achieve it before us. We just need to plan ahead and cooperate with such project leaders/investors. What are the things we really could do that fit specifically Asgardia. We could start a space-law office in space, a space-bank in space, an earth-live-shelter in space, data-banks in space, solar-energy in space, etc etc. What ever item we can specialize in could be our way to occupy space. What we hint to do, that others pickup to do, is not or cause anymore. We build on top of the way forward, so that we are always on the forefront towards the future.

Jan 14, 19 / Aqu 14, 03 01:08 UTC

I agree with your words

For Space we need to think about Quality Food

it is necessary to develop foods to be consumed in the low gravity environment.

Need to look at the technology of 3d printers for food production

It is necessary to develop technologies, or improve existing ones, for food processing, such as seaweed, amino acids, proteins, etc, etc ...

Jan 15, 19 / Aqu 15, 03 04:06 UTC

I definitely agree on the importance of quality food in near or total zero-gravity environment. 

Asgardia could also serve in a neutral capacity for growing private space corporations. In today's worldwide shipping industry there is a system called Open Registries. Basically, certain States allow foreign vessels to bear the State's flag thereby making that vessel the State's sovereign land in return for lower taxes and other benefits. For instance, Panama brings in over half a billion dollars annually with this system. This happens because International law dictates that seafaring vessels must fall under a state's jurisdiction. More details here: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-28558480. This is also true for air and space vehicles!

I note that this is a highly contentious issue but it is up to us Asgardians to make the best of the new wild wild west. Therefore, we must be vigilant while boldly moving forward.

Additionally, Asgardians could be a neutral talent pool for space organizations to recruit from without Earth politics. This could establish a thriving service industry which powers Asgardia's economy while ensuring our citizens are excellently trained for space duties.

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