Nov 28, 18 / Sag 24, 02 15:42 UTC

ID card clarification and citizenship fee conflicts  

I've heard that the ID card will be digital, yet the FAQ states it will be a plastic card. When looking in to when I will receive my card, I noticed that the documents page is asking me to pay the citizenship fee first, however, the FAQ page directly conflicts with this as well. So do I have to pay the fee just to get a digital ID card, or will I receive a hard plastic card without being a citizen?

Below is an excerpt from the page:

"Can I refuse my citizenship after I have accepted the Constitution?

Yes. Accepting the Constitution entitles you to get an ID and become a citizen once statehood is established. It does not oblige you to do so."

In addition to that, what is the difference between a resident and a citizen of Asgardia, other than paying the fee? They seem to be used interchangeably between different pages.

Nov 28, 18 / Sag 24, 02 17:22 UTC

I agree.

The verbiage is conflicting. I specialize in documentation and believe in things being synced up and clearly defined across all spaces.

When I paid the citizenship fee, I was assuming I was going to get a plastic card. That is what I'm hoping. Elsewhere I've heard it is only digital. The verbiage on the citizenship fee page states that once you pay, you "will receive" the card. 

It does not specify if this is digital or plastic. For the sake of clarity, it needs to.

I wish someone official from Asgardia would chime in to get the mattered settled.

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 01:17 UTC

Jeez, maybe they will get their crap together eventually...

And hopes for a live chat?? 

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 04:45 UTC

 Oh they have their crap together,  see the ones at the top , have to be communicating with each other some how , or nothing would be getting done. So they have a plan, that makes sense to them because they are the ones making it. To us, it is a cluster bomb. But in the end what does this government want ? Your money.

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 04:47 UTC

 P.S.  you have a better chance, going down to your local office supply store and having a business card printed up or a card the size of a drivers license , and have it read, Asgardia on one side, with the logo as a background, and have your name on the back with your picture on it, probably cost you I dunno maybe 40 dollars U.S.D at worst. Than sitting around holding your breath waiting for clarification from anyone at the top.