Feb 4, 19 / Pis 07, 03 01:48 UTC

Incomprehensible budget and Unreasonable citizen fees  

From the budget, we can see, we have 16 full-time auditors. And they provide us a three pages budget which will cost them 5 minutes? Although we don't have too much real progress, we have 289 government officer to raise...

The Human Resources expenses is 6 million, 2.89 million of which is the salary. Where is the rest 3.11 million go? No mention, no explain at all

Frankly speaking, I am very disappointed To Asgardia. I never saw any real progress. Just "Keep asking for money". U want to be a Parliamentarian? Pay 100 euros. And then, of course, the Parliamentarians are willing to ask the others to pay for their 500 euros' month salary. It's not a nation. It's completely like a Ponzi scheme. 

Now we have to pay the citizen fees. Why u don't have the courage to ask for it at the beginning before registration? I think all of us have be used as baits

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Feb 4, 19 / Pis 07, 03 02:11 UTC

If in their next Act, they ask us to pay 1 million euros each person, what can we do? I think at moment, the only reason why they only ask for  100 euros is they want boil the frog slowly

Feb 6, 19 / Pis 09, 03 14:02 UTC

Seems like someone wanted to create an ideological solution to the world's problems and promise equality knowing that people would fall for it. Then once hooked, charge them for wanting to be a part of something better. It's absolutely a bait and switch. 

Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

'In addition to tackling misleading and aggressive behaviour, the Regulations blacklist 31 specific practices, such as claiming something is free when it's not'

In the early days, being a citizen was free. Now it's not.

In the Constitution of Asgardia, Article 9, Section 5 reads:

'Asgardian citizens shall pay VOLUNTARILY established taxes and levies in accordance with Asgardia's laws' 

What is voluntary about having to pay your citizenship fee or you are no longer a citizen?

Two valid arguments against this fee. And your budget is laughable, the OP is right, anyone could have thrown those numbers together in 5 mins and called it 'financial transparency'. 

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Feb 9, 19 / Pis 12, 03 01:59 UTC

I agree with you ,also 100 EUR it's a big number for some countries like lndia 100 EUR = 8,058.55 INR ,this will be a big problem if they make it necessary to be a citizen of Asgardin .

Feb 10, 19 / Pis 13, 03 18:21 UTC

The payment  is already necessary to become a citizen, otherwise you will be suspended.  Truly speaking, I don't see much difference between being citizen, suspended or follower.  If you're not citizen you can't vote, but you can still have access to the site were you can chat with your friends, participate in discussions, express your opinion.  So, if we don't have enough money for citizenship we can stay suspended.  Asgardia is a project and it needs to be funded.  I see it this way, 100EUR  is my contribution to the research and development of a protective space platform and future settlements on the moon.

Feb 11, 19 / Pis 14, 03 06:29 UTC

 Glad to see people here are waking up to the bull crap lies that Asgardia has quickly turned into. From a promising future into space, to a scheme for money by preying on the simple minded.

Just to point out more lies and bull crap, they claim there are 18,000   residents, out of 200,000 SUSPENDED!!!!

I seriously doubt the math even comes close to adding up to what ever financial " Transparency " is out there. 

So my challenge would be, to prove 18000 people actually paid to be a resident. How come out of the supposed number of paying citizens of Asgardia, not ONE OF THEM HAS BEEN ON THIS FORUM AND ADMITTED TO BEING A PAYING RESIDENT , More over can prove they paid, via some kind of receipt , then lets pretend there was one. Exactly what is the logic of paying for something, that gives you ZERO in return ? You don't even get your name on a list that says you paid to help finance the future of Asgardia.

How hard is that to make a list ?

Watch I'll do it right here as an example.

Joe Smith from the U.S.A paid 100 euros on 01.01.01 

Jane Anyone from France paid 100 euros on 01.01.01

Timmy Ding Dong from Australia paid 100 euros on 01.01.01

These three Asgardians were the first to help fund the future of Asgardia !!!

Big round of applause for these three ! We promise to use your hard earned money to better humanity in our pursuit of space exploration.

 wow, took me an entire 30 seconds to type that, and it is as verifiable  as any article posted as governmental information of Asgardia. ( That is sarcasm because nothing is verifiable on here.)

Feb 11, 19 / Pis 14, 03 19:53 UTC

people are getting disappointed in this situation.

in my country of origin, Brazil, 100 euros equals 600 reais and that is more than half of a salary.

Ordinary people can not have access to Asgardia with these taxes.

I am poor and I trust that the parliamentarians of Asgardia will find a solution to this problem.

Feb 20, 19 / Pis 23, 03 23:02 UTC

@GLC3295 The decision to pay or not depends on personal values.  Some people will not pay a penny if they don't get anything in return, some people can give hundreds  for charity and will not expect anything in return.  I paid the fee for reasons I've mentioned above.  

As for the payment method, it seems that you belong to the golden 100,000 since you are not aware of how it works.


Feb 25, 19 / Ari 00, 03 06:48 UTC

 Hi Lara, I am aware of how the 100,000 works and I am not apart of that I checked, either way the 100,000 is still a joke as it is only from what I gathered good for one year. No telling though cause the king and his minions change their minds on rules and regs after setting a constitution time an again. An for me the decision to pay has nothing to do with values.  Giving to charity is completely different than Asgardia,  in that the big word is CHARITY, you know up front you get nothing in return because you are giving money to help those in need.

You decided to pay the fee for the reasons you have stated, you believe in your reasons. That is fine, for you. The reality is; you have ZERO proof of what your money is being spent on. For all you know your money went to go buy the King a beer, or put gas in his car. Or to pay one of these so called Asgardian politicians  salary, because they are working so hard at sitting at home at thinking. While having to get up every day to go work a real job to pay their bills.

People get scammed so easily it appears. What is more infuriating is everyone knows, all anyone has to do, is go to a website, order 1000 bumper stickers with Asgardia on it, an the URL to the website, add a catchy slogan to it, charge $2.00 USD for it, an boom now Asgardia has a product and can make an income and take that money an turn it into this joke called Solar, and then ya have an economy started.  A much more honest approach than selling an idea that will bare no fruit in anyones life time.

Feb 27, 19 / Ari 02, 03 12:10 UTC

great post

Jun 28, 19 / Leo 11, 03 12:49 UTC

Noting changed... It's completely like a Ponzi scheme

Jul 13, 19 / Leo 26, 03 07:35 UTC

I have one question, for example, we paid 100 euros and became part of the nation, can they make us pay a fee every year? You read the constitution of Asgardia for example? Maybe this is not a constitution but a contract that makes us pay money we want or not? thus, and agreed to pay money every year how much is $ 100 or $ 1000, and so you will have to do this all your life))), have you thought about it?)

(У меня один вопрос, вот например мы заплатили 100 эвро и стали частью нации, могут ли они нас заставить платить каждый год пошлину?ну примеру вы читали конституцию Асгардии?может эта и не конституция а проста договор, договор который заставляет нас платить деньги хотим мы того или нет?. тем самым и согласились платить деньги каждый год сколько то 100 или 1000$ и так на придется эта делать всю жизнь))), вы задумывались об этом?))