Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 13:58 UTC

Re:Is that real equality?  

I understood your words and agree with everything.

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 19:44 UTC

I am willing to pay a certain amount of tax, but I would like to ask the President of the Asgardia Council, where is my citizenship reflected? What is the proof of my citizenship? Passport or ID card? not even one! How do I believe this is not a scam? There is nothing substantive enough to prove my citizenship!
A certain amount of tax can be charged, but only if the Asgardia Council or the Asgardia Citizenship Department, when do you start to grant citizen passports and ID cards? No, sorry, I am not willing to pay this tax payment that is not sure if it is a scam.

PS: Because I am not good at English, this text comes from google translation, there is anything wrong, please understand! Thank you!