Nov 25, 18 / Sag 21, 02 19:51 UTC

Is that real equality?  

I come from Switzerland, a country that lives the most direct form of democracy.
In  this nation, the people have the last word ... No matter which law is  to be adapted or recreated, the people as a legislature have to decide.
In  Switzerland there is no "king", we have a National Council, which  represents the people directly, we have a Council of States, which  represents the states (cantons) and we have the Federal Council,  consisting of 7 Swiss citizens, which is the supreme executive ,
In  Switzerland, we do not even have a state capital, but the federal  headquarters, which is located in the middle of the city of Bern.

Well ... Let's have a simple comparison with Asgardia:
Asgardia calls himself a nation of freedom and equality.
But I see there clear contradictions, which convince me otherwise.
One speaks of equal rights, makes the appearance of national votes, in which no clear results are published.
Asgardia  has a president who has the right to relieve the Supreme Court of his  duties, as well as conferring on himself the title of "King," since  Asgardia is by definition a "kingdom."

In one kingdom, not everyone equals the other ... Everyone is, and the king a whole lot more.
Equality means that the majority of the people vote on the destinies of the nation.
In an equal society there are no decrees of a king or a president.
The executive is the organ that puts the will of the people into action, and not the people obey the will of an individual.

And now, my esteemed friends and fellow human beings, comes the head crackers.
Asgardia  has decided by decree of the President, to raise the citizenship, which  consists of only one number and a virtual swipe, so that is null and  void (worthless), even charge a fee of 100 €.
In any other nation, including Switzerland, you pay a processing fee for the identity card (in Switzerland, about 70 euros).
But you get for it a physical identity feature, which is counterfeit-proof and personal property.
It is a punishment to steal the same from an owner of such an ID.
With this ID, which is recognized throughout Europe, you can easily travel to the appreciating nations.
The  nation of Asgardia throws around with empty phrases and draws the money  from the pockets of the in-person without any tangible.

Thus, the whole project is doomed to failure.
For  if the UN learns of this "profiteering", they will certainly think  twice whether they recognize Asgardia as a separate nation.

Who  can cope with a loss of 100 euros, of course, like to invest in a fraud on would like national level and receive a worthless title.

On  the other hand, if you are smart, you rally with like-minded people and  start a popular referendum against this unspeakable and hypocritical  policy that the topmost pigsty of Asgardia runs.

I remain Yours sincerely


ps: Since I am not very good at English, I have had this text translated by Google from German into English.
So I can not guarantee for a clean sentence structure.
However, I hope that the sense of the word is meaningful and conclusive for the reader.

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You could start with editing 2 words, verar..... and pi..

Nov 25, 18 / Sag 21, 02 20:33 UTC

Got it... Thanks.

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 13:58 UTC

I understood your words and agree with everything.

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 19:44 UTC

I am willing to pay a certain amount of tax, but I would like to ask the President of the Asgardia Council, where is my citizenship reflected? What is the proof of my citizenship? Passport or ID card? not even one! How do I believe this is not a scam? There is nothing substantive enough to prove my citizenship!
A certain amount of tax can be charged, but only if the Asgardia Council or the Asgardia Citizenship Department, when do you start to grant citizen passports and ID cards? No, sorry, I am not willing to pay this tax payment that is not sure if it is a scam.

PS: Because I am not good at English, this text comes from google translation, there is anything wrong, please understand! Thank you!