Oct 28, 18 / Oph 21, 02 09:24 UTC

Kick-off money  

Now that we are starting with a frame for our economy i want to add a personal thought about the item money. Personally i think we should not get trapped by the trap called money. Money is used as a conversion on earth between product and buyer to gain money. We should try to avoid that and go a step back in time together with the newest technologies. As our lunar will be the conversion unit between asgardians we should keep a fair play between asgardians and not to steer towards gaining from each other.
The solar on the other hand is a conversion between our bank and the earth and that will be set following the earthly rules. The future thought should be to kick-off from money as a gaining tool and to not let gaining in to our nation. There are much better tools and these are: helping for free, volunteering, paying a fee, internal research, etc...

Grtz, Dirk.

Oct 30, 18 / Oph 23, 02 03:01 UTC

Really this not startreck. Even in that syfi show there was money ei gold pressed latlum. People will always used money because it is easier than keeping a warehouse full of stuff to pay for a days pay. 

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