Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 01:22 UTC

Maybe, it's not working..  

Over the past year, I have watched the Asgardian 'government' grow. I have also seen the last 3 posts, from 3 different, very active, users trying to restate what Asgardia's true goals should be. Ontop of the fact, that the citizens have no participation in Asgardia, as its clearly not linked anywhere, and theres no 'help wanted' signs. If we are suppose to be a nation, why are there only 100 people? Like seriously, the only people that are really in this are those with money, PhD's, or a government background; and if that's how you want to run this place, then im out. This was suppose to be about humanity as a whole, not some small group of rich people. 

Give us some jobs, we want to help.

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 04:42 UTC

 It is just a joke, a nice concept, but in reality a joke. It is if anything a digital nation and as you pointed out only a few people are participating and nothing is online related to Asgardia is linked together.  It is a very disorganized concept, and now they have some joke to vote for currency, it is this well shucks kind of a thought of , well since solar isn't actual money, should we take USD, or the Euro or Russian rubles and convert that real money to our pretend money of solar. 

 They are building this completely wrong. If you look at how societies were built, they were not built, government first, then a money system, and then if we get around to it, jobs , and a military . etc. 

It starts off with what ? Building a shelter, making fire, finding water, good grief the concept is so basic that reality TV shows do the same thing such as " Survivor " or fiction syfy shows, or video games .  

 I am sticking around to point out the stupidity and to make sure people who are easily influenced don't get sucked in.

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 04:43 UTC

 Also you ever notice the views ? People do view the threads at least once, but some get more views than others, with little or no responses , so who are the lurkers ?

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 20:15 UTC

Many people are disappointed that they thought there was some space station construction project or some kind of developing technology they could get involved in to help,

But there is only this platform here, which does not offer many options, basically it is just a passive platform, there is nothing here for people to develop,

there is no academy to learn about astronomy, astrophysics,

there is no criptocoin for mining, not even an online simulation game that could motivate people and raise some money for the cause.

In Facebook the pages about Asgardia, at least in Portuguese, are abandoned and on youtube, videos about Asgardia are out of date

I like to look at the satellite page and see my 100 kb orbiting my city ...

Sorry for my English from Google translator.

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