Cap 01, 02 / Dec 3, 18 22:52 UTC

moon base..  

Ok, so now we know that one of our goals is to occupy a base on the moon. We had 2 problems to solve, gravitation and radiation. Lets discuss here what the options are. 

Personally i would go for a ring station on an ax and let it turn like in space. Because we are fixed at the moon we can alter the spinning speed and therefor also the gravity of gravity. Radiation would be a choice of layers and materials as protection.

Other ideas?

Grtz, Dirk.

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Cap 24, 02 / Dec 26, 18 06:09 UTC

solution;lunar regolith

the regolith is a mineral abundant in the moon and in the earth, whose fibers made of this mineral provide a protection against radiation, was developing a proposal for a lunar shipyard and this was the most practical material to build a base.


el regolito es un mineral abundante en la luna y en la tierra, cuyas fibras echas de este mineral proporcionan una proteccion contra la radiacion, estaba desarrollando una propuesta para un astillero lunar y este era el material mas practico para armar una base.

Cap 28, 02 / Dec 30, 18 01:05 UTC

There are craters in the moon capable of protecting us from radiation because their edges are huge, it would be the smartest solution to establish a set of lunar bases on the surface and another part in the subterranean moon

the underground bases could be covered with the lunar soil itself

Happy New Year for everyone

Aqu 01, 03 / Jan 1, 19 00:36 UTC

 I love the Idea of a Base on the moon.

But, I think the way we know for certain it will never happen, is because the year is creeping upon 2020, if it was profitable to put a base on the moon, or beneficial for the military, such a base would have already been made.  Are there ways to over come obstacles to low to no gravity, radiation, etc. Sure there are.

The real problem is money, There has to be a solid financial plan in place first. To show how much it would actually cost to build anything on the moon, or even send one item to the moon. Then you have to have a plan on how long it would take to recoop that investment and then how long to make a profit.

If this idea is not looked at from that perspective, it just stays as a dream / idea.  No one. No corporation is going to want to invest time and money and labor  for the betterment of mankind. 

 It would probably make more financial sense to build some kind of " Hotel "  on the moon first.  Sell that to the stupid rich. And use that as a test to see what is necessary to keep building on the moon that would actually benefit the scientific community and others. 

I suspect though that N.A.S.A would have been the first to build anything on the moon. I mean they could have in theory instead of building a testing area in the desert to simulate Mars, Built a biodome on the moon and used that for a plethora of tests. N.A.S.A could have built a base on the moon, to make, test, and launch plenty of probes and rovers to Mars and other parts of the solar system...   But they chose not to, It isn't a question of why didn't they ever think of doing that. But they chose not to for a reason.

Then you have the conspiracy theorists who are adamant that the moon is a spaceship, inhabited by aliens, that the Nazis' built a secret base on it during WWII... and on an on. Which just to have an independent exploration team to debunk or prove what is really on the Moon and Mars, would be really interesting. Some kind of Org/Team that couldn't be manipulated or infiltrated by governments or prevented from exploring.

Aqu 25, 03 / Jan 25, 19 00:29 UTC


There are points that need to be clarified first.
in the year 1957 it was established that no land nation could use the earth's low orbit, moon, mars, etc., etc. for military purposes and financial exploitation, but only for the use of scientific research.
that is why NASA, nor the US military, have established a base on the moon.
Asgardia, as a spatial nation no longer needs to obey this protocol.
The Moon has many resources that can be used by humanity
the point is to use these resources sustainably and not in a predatory manner as they do here on the planet.