Jan 9, 19 / Aqu 09, 03 20:47 UTC


I have been busy with assembling some computer stuff like older pc's installed with linux and playing with some simple networking, a la hobby way. And now today it came to my thought that in fact i really don't need my local internet provider for what i do on the internet. If i could have a satellite setup linked to my router or switch i would be doing the same as today, just much cheaper and more direct. Maybe Asgardia does not need to stand in for the space hardware itself or even the link-hardware at home's, this could eventually be done by others. But we should have to care about the service, maybe by login in on the homepage of Asgardia and then connecting to the Asgardian network. Maybe we can work together with some ground-station and a space business or organization. I have even a personal dream about this and that would be our own space operating system, being an old or free one adapted or a new one written from scratch with the use of open source software for example.

Grtz, Dirk.

Jan 15, 19 / Aqu 15, 03 06:22 UTC

Asgardia could definitely either develop hardware or software for connecting people and license extra bandwidth on our service/network for revenue.

Jan 16, 19 / Aqu 16, 03 11:51 UTC

I was thinking, instead of forcing the G5 network onto the world, why not putting this G5 in space and operate it with solar power.

Grtz, Dirk.